Sometimes we take our cars for granted. When we head out on the road, whether it’s the daily commute, a trip to the supermarket, or even a longer drive for a holiday, we don’t always give our car the thorough vehicle check it might need.

We just assume that the car will do the job. And when your car does breakdown, it can often feel like a betrayal.

Reliability has become more and more important to drivers, as we don’t want to be spending a fortune keeping our car on the road.

So which car companies should you be turning to, to ensure that you are getting the most reliable motor?

Here are the top 10 most reliable car manufacturers.

1. Hyundai


Out of all the car manufacturers in the world, it seems that those from Japan and South Korea have put the most thought and care into creating cars that are built to last. Hyundai are quite possibly the best in the bunch.

Despite having produced rather uninspiring cars in the past like the Hyundai Getz, the new i range of cars combine their impressive build quality with a car that you actually want to drive.

The i10 scores highest in terms of reliability, and has won many car of the year awards.

But even if you do decide to go for one of the older models, like the Getz, then you still have a car that won’t break too much.

2. Toyota


Electric and hybrid cars have the latest innovations in design and technology, so its little surprise to see the Toyota Prius as being rated amongst the most reliable cars on the market.

The lack of a combustion engine means there are less parts to break down.

Reliability is especially important, as the more complex engines and technology in these modern vehicles makes it more difficult for traditional mechanics to repair.

If you don’t want a electric or hybrid, then the Toyota iQ is a small hatchback perfect for city driving that scores highest out of all cars for reliability.

Ideal for those who prefer practicality to reputation.

3. Honda


Another Japanese car company, another reputation for reliability. Honda have long had a reputation for providing cars that are built to last, so its not just the new models that are inflating their scores.

The Honda Jazz has been one of the most reliable cars for two generations.

Known as the Honda Fit in its native Japan, it was rated the best Japanese new car in both 2001 and 2007, and regularly appears in the top 10 list of reviews both as a hatchback, and also in terms of value for money.

4. Suzuki


Perhaps not as popular as the previous two companies on the list, but Suzuki are often deemed the most reliable car company of the moment, with Which rating them the most reliable car company for several years running.

Dependability seems to be the key point, with drivers happy at how little repairs their cars need. Highest scoring is the Suzuki Alto but the Swift is not far behind.

5. Ford


The behemoth of American driving, Ford have to create vehicles that can satisfy the different terrains and environments that make up the USA.

While the UK isn’t quite as contrasting, we do get to benefit from their focus on reliability. The Fiesta and Focus both score well for reliability.

And, as they are regularly in the top three best-selling cars in the UK, there are plenty of expert mechanics and a good supply of car parts available.

6. Vauxhall


One of the last mass-market brands that retains a sense of its British origins, Vauxhall is a welcome addition to the list.

It's generally limited to the more modern models, such as the Insignia and Mokka, but there is a bit of a cheat on their most reliable cars list, as their highest scoring vehicle – the Vauxhall Agila – is very much based on the ultra-reliable Suzuki Wagon.

7. Skoda


Once the laughing stock of the motor industry, Skoda now produce some of the best-made cars on the market.

A far cry from the terrible reputation they had in the eighties and early nineties. No matter what size model you go for, the reliability scores are impressive.

Our pick is the Skoda Octavia Estate, which combines reliability with car of the year awards. For added quality, go for the diesel version.

8. Volkswagen


The emissions scandal has somewhat tainted the reputation of this massive car company. But if you ignore the hubbub (which the company has taken great steps to repair), then you have that old favourite to look forward to – efficient German engineering.

The pick of the bunch is the Polo, maybe because there is less temptation to go full throttle in this small cousin to the Golf.

9. Lexus


Back to Japan for the last two companies on the list, and we head to the world of high-end quality with Lexus. If you want a reliable executive car, then you can’t go wrong with Lexus, in particular the IS.

10. Mitsubishi


Like Suzuki, Mitsubishi makes high quality, reliable cars, that are often overlooked by drivers in the UK. But if you want a rugged, high quality SUV that’s also perfect for the environment, then their hybrid Outlander is as reliable as it is fuel-efficient and reliable.

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How did we calculate this list?

We took a look at the Reliability Index to see how they scored the 100 tops cars on their list.

They calculate reliability by checking the claims made against cars by warranty companies. The index takes a look at the number of times a car has broken down, the repair costs, how long repairs take, and compare this against the average age and mileage of the car.

Each score uses data from at least 50 different cars of the same model, to create a balanced view and factor in how different drivers may have more issues than others. The index uses data from over 50,000 drivers in the UK.

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