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HPI Check

A HPI check is used to ensure that the car you are purchasing is completely genuine and does not have any problems that could affect you after the sale. When buying a new car, it's vital that you perform such a vehicle check before exchanging any money. With all cars Creditplus arrange for our customers, we automatically HPI check the car as part of our service, saving you approximately £40.

A HPI Check Will Inform You Of Any Of The Following Issues:

  • DVLA Vehicle Check

The vehicle check confirms the exact make and model of the car, as well as all the other features such as derivative, number of doors and engine size. It also provides the vehicle’s age and number of owners.

  • Stolen Vehicle Check

The HPI check will ensure that the car you are buying has not been stolen or have any existing police complaints. The vehicle’s details are checked on the Police National Computer. If the car you buy has been reported stolen, you will lose both the car and the money paid to buy it, so an HPI check in advance is vital.

  • Finance check

If the previous owner of the vehicle purchased the car on finance, the HPI check will let you know if the amount has been paid off. Otherwise, you could owe thousands of pounds in finance payments that you were previously unaware of.

  • Condition alert register

A HPI check will determine if the car has previously been declared a write off or total loss by insurers. A car that has been written off could be potentially dangerous. The HPI check will also inform you if the car has been assessed to see if it's still roadworthy.

  • Registration plate transfer

Accessing a database of registration numbers, the HPI check will inform you whether the car has had a number plate change. This can be for cosmetic reasons, but also to hide any problems the car had on a previous number plate.

  • Document check

If a log book, V5 or MOT is missing or has been stolen, the chances of something wrong with the car increase. It could be that the car is in poor condition, or it could be that the car has been stolen or cloned. The HPI check will ensure the car is genuine.

  • National mileage register

The HPI check will measure the mileage against its system to ensure that it's genuine and has not had its mileage illegally changed (clocked).

  • Car Security Watch

The Security Watch Register monitors cars that are at a high risk of being stolen or having a crime committed using them. This is normally hire cars, demonstration vehicles or forecourt stock. The register traces cars added to it, to ensure that the car is not sold without their knowledge. The HPI check will make sure the car is not on the register. Creditplus perform a HPI check for all our customers when they apply for finance on a car. This peace of mind will ensure that you can choose a car without fearing any outstanding claims or legalities on the vehicle you decide upon.

Who Are HPI?

HPI were established in 1938 to counter the growing trend of car fraud. The six main lenders brought together their information on Hire Purchase agreements to ensure that people couldn’t keep re-financing their cars or use them as security on personal loans. This expanded in 1947 when the police started providing information on stolen vehicles to help make a vehicle check more efficient. More improvements and additions over the next 76 years have made the HPI check the most effective method of assessing a car for any issues or legalities.

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