Are you concerned about climate change? We hope the answer is yes, and if it’s not then you should be. There’s plenty of factors which are to blame for climate change, and pretty much every single one is caused by human beings and our CO2 production levels.

Scientists have declared there is over a 95% probability that human activity since the mid-20th century is the reason for an average temperature rise of 1.62 °F (0.9°C). This may not sound like much - if the temperature of your bath water increased by this much you probably wouldn’t even notice right?

But scientists have warned that if the temperature of the earth’s surface was to rise by a further 1.5°C we would no doubt face a “climate catastrophe”.

And it’s not just climate change we need to worry about. A rise in CO2 emissions is having a serious impact on the quality of the air we breathe, and scientists are becoming highly concerned regarding the impact this is having on human health. Studies have provenly linked to CO2 emissions to illnesses including cancer, asthma and heart disease, which are shortening our life span significantly.

If we’re to tackle air quality and global warming, CO2 emissions must be dramatically reduced - and what’s one of the biggest CO2 emission contributors? Road transport.

Sadly, road transport accounts for up 22% of total UK emissions (agriculture isn’t far behind at 15% - but that’s a topic for another day!). However, with many new low emission vehicles entering the market, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and still enjoy the freedom of driving.

The government are even offering grants of up to £3,500 on certain low emission models as incentive to get people to “Go Green”.

If you want to reduce carbon emissions and help create a cleaner, greener planet then take a look at our list of Top 7 low emission vehicles. All these eco-friendly vehicles have CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km and can travel at least 112km (70 miles) without any emissions at all. Plus, they’ve all proved to be eligible for a government grant, so they’re friendly on the wallet too!

1. Jaguar I-pace


The I-Pace is everything you’d expect from Jaguar - comfort, quality and luxury. One of the biggest concerns of EVs is keeping the battery alive on longer journeys – after all, the last thing you need is to be stranded with a dead battery mid journey! However, the I-Pace comes with a range of advanced technology to protect the battery and prevent you from such a scenario.

2. Peugeot iOn


The iOn is neat and compact making it the ideal EV for city driving. The iOn may look small, yet clever design allows room for 3 passengers. That’s right – you haven’t got away with avoiding taxiing your friends across town just yet!

3. Nissan Leaf


Car names don’t come any greener than this! The Nissan Leaf is another stylish EV, with plenty of tech in the way of driving assistance. With the Leaf’s e-Pedal, you can accelerate and brake all in one pedal – so you’ll never have to worry over differentiating between your brake pedal and your accelerator again! If you’ve got a family, the Leaf is a great option as there’s buckets of room, and with a massive 435 litre boot you’ll have no trouble fitting in prams, shopping, suitcases a small horse… the list goes on.

4. VW e-Golf


The e-Golf is one of the most highly rated EVs when it comes to overall scoring, and it’s not hard to see why as it’s pretty much impossible to fault this hatchback. It’s super agile and fun to drive, especially if you’re zipping around the city.

5. Toyota Prius Plug-In


The styling on the Prius Plug-In is certainly pretty funky but not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. However, there’s plenty more to love about the Prius, even if the styling isn’t quite to your taste. For starters, the solar panel roof is a genius idea, allowing the battery to charge as you drive - increasing range by up to 3 miles a day. And when it comes to running costs, the Prius is one of the cheapest EVs you’ll find.

6. Audi e-tron


Audi have certainly put their premium stamp on the e-tron, producing what is arguably the classiest EV interior yet. Fitted with quality leather and the most ridiculously sophisticated infotainment system, car interiors really don’t get posher than this.

The e-tron also includes a vast range of impressive high-tech features too, including virtual door mirrors that use cameras instead of glass mirrors, providing you with a clear view of the road behind. The footage is streamed and displayed on built-in screens within the two front doors. Now that’s futuristic.

7. Renault ZOE


The Renault Zoe is one of the cheapest EVs you’ll come across, however that’s not to say its lacking in quality. They’ve also been generous with the standard features which include Renault’s R-link multimedia system, climate control, Bluetooth phone connection and electric windows, plus a home charger for your convenience!

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