Here at Creditplus we love car videos. So much so, that we’ve had some trouble narrowing down this list to just five of our favourite car videos from 2013. Now, it’s by no means extensive, as we love everything the internet has offered us in the way of car videos, but these five are some of the very best.

1. Pepsi Max & Jeff Gordon Present: “Test Drive”

Coming in top place is the incredibly popular “Test Drive” which is the product of a collaboration between Jeff Gordon (professional stock car racer) and Pepsi Max. Jeff Gordon dons a cunning disguise and walks into the car dealership. The unsuspecting salesman jumps on the prospect of a potential sale, and suggests the disguised Gordon take the car for a test drive – but of course, this will be no ordinary test drive. As soon as Gordon gets behind the wheel, he does what any self respecting racing driver would do – and uses every last bit of horsepower plus a bit more to terrify the salesman, whose threats turn to, “Can we do that again?” once the truth is revealed. Not one to try at home though, because I suspect that unless your are a successful racing driver with a camera crew, you might just end up in a ton of trouble.

2. Seven Star Spin

This year’s Formula One has been deemed boring by… well, everyone pretty much. With Vettel dominating almost every single race, it just seemed like the fun had been zapped from the sport. After winning at India, Sebastian Vettel decided that even he was a it bored of driving around in a big circle, so chose to drive around in little circles instead. But it’s not Vettel’s donuts that we’re celebrating here, even if they did cost him the equivalent of a down payment on a mortgage. Despite telling Vettel off and making him pay his own fine, Red Bull decided to cash in on the donuts at Abu Dhabi by staging a stunt of epic proportions. Set atop the Burj al Arab helipad, Red Bull convinced David Coulthard to jump in one of their Formula One cars and do a whole load of donuts – which it would seem were pretty successful – by which we mean, a car went round in circles without plummeting 210 feet to the ground, and David Coulthard survived the experience intact.

3. Racing in Slow Motion IV

Racing is all about speed, that much is true. However, when racing shots are slowed down to a pace at which we can process all the events, the result is mind-blowing. If you want to truly appreciate the undeniable power and beauty of these machines, Racing in Slow Motion is a must watch. It’s long, but you’ll find that after watching part you’ll be hooked until the end.

4. Travis Pastrana jumps 269 feet in rally car!

Red Bull are at it again, this time channelling one of their many extreme sports branches. When Travis Pastrana jumped one of their cars 269 ft onto a floating barge, it wowed the whole nation, and set a new world record. Not one to try at home (but unlikely you would anyway – Pastrana must be crazy!) this video is am must-see, and harkens back to the days when the likes of Evil Knievil were constantly trying to take stunts to new levels. We think he’d be impressed.

5. Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

Now for something a little bit different. Youtuber MagicofRahat released this video early in 2013, and with 37 million views and counting, it’s been one of the most successful videos of the year. Best of all – you could do it yourself! By creating a fake driving seat to cover his body, this youtuber went through drive thrus and ordered food, to the shock of those serving, most of whom just couldn’t figure out this driverless car. The reactions are just brilliant, and it definitely makes us want to try this ourselves!

6. Poorly Attempted HIT and RUN…. Cab Drive Gets Revenge!!!!! Driver Smashes six Cars

We haven’t had a really good home video of a car yet – until now. We’re glad that the person behind this camera decided to share this with the world, and we’re taking note. The video starts slow, but things really heat up around 1:46, when the taxi driver gets really mad and the driver of the car seems to lose all control as well. Turns out the car was stolen, and the driver was apprehended not long after the incident – but not after damaging both the stolen car and 6 others in the process.


Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Ken Block’s sixth Gymkhana video, in collaboration with Need for Speed. In this, he aims to top his previous videos (like Gymkhana 5, which sees him racing around the empty streets of San Francisco.) With the style that we’ve come to expect from Block, he negotiates his 650hp Ford Fiesta ST burning as much rubber as humanely possible. This Gymkhana track harkens back to the early videos, which are impressive for their raw talent, without too much of the flashy drama seem in the Hollywood themed Gymkhana 5, or the sheer impressiveness of Gymkhana 6 in San Fran.

Have we missed your favourite car video? Let us know! Did you like this post? Why not check out our top car videos from October and November!

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