The new cars being released today are the best that have ever been made. Sure, they might not be as beautiful as the Jaguar E-Type, or as iconic as the Mini Cooper or VW Beetle, but in terms of quality of drive, safety and comfort, they can’t be beaten.

A big part of that quality is just how many different features and extras you can choose to have in your car. With such a huge array of options to pick, which ones do you go for? Well, a recent survey conducted by Hyundai has revealed the top features motorists look for in a new car. Here are some of the most popular.

Air Conditioning

If you have ever driven a car without air conditioning, then you can’t truly appreciate how much of a gamechanger it is when it comes to driving. Having to twist the dial between blue and red, hot and cold, hoping to get the perfect temperature, it was borderline impossible.

So it’s no surprise to see air conditioning as the most popular feature motorists look for in their new car. Whether you’ve never had it or always had it, it’s a guarantee that you don’t want to go without it.


Bluetooth connectivity

We go everywhere with our phones these days and can often resent those periods driving where we can’t be glued to the screen. So being able to connect your phone to your car is an essential for modern drivers. Whether it’s accessing your favourite music playlist, podcast or audiobook, connecting up to your phone’s satnav app, or just being able to call and chat on the move, Bluetooth is a must have.

Heated windscreen

In the winter months, waiting for your windscreen to defrost can be a serious pain in the neck. There’s bound to be a time when you’re in a rush only to find your car windows are all completely frosted. And who is prepared enough to pack de-icer spray and a scraper in the car at all times?

Heated windscreens remove this as a problem. Just turn on the engine, turn on the windscreen heater and watch as the frost melts away beautifully from the glass.


Satellite navigation

Satnav is a must in modern cars. The days of paper maps are long gone, so being able to just type in an address or post code and have your car direct you to your destination is another must have.

While you can connect your phone to most cars, built-in satnav systems don’t get disrupted by phone calls and you won’t be interrupting your music playlist with the computer’s robot voiced directions.

Parking cameras

Parking has almost been perfected in modern cars. The arrange of sensors and gadgets that are built into the latest models means parallel parking is no longer something to be afraid of.

The one piece of parking tech that motorists love the most is the parking camera. Being able to see with your eyes is a lot easier for most drivers than relying on the beep of the proximity sensors. While this may change in future, for now we still want to feel like we are doing the work, so need to see as much as possible. Which is why parking cameras are so popular.

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