Summer is finally here and although it can be temperamental at times, on the few days of the year when the sun shines, everything seems right with the world. Summer presents an endless range of activities to choose from and trips are made even more enjoyable with a convertible car to fully appreciate the scenery whilst soaking up the rays. Read on to find out our choice of the top 5 cars for the summer sun.

Fiat 500 Convertible


The Fiat 500 convertible is the obvious choice for the fashion conscious individual with its vintage, iconic design and fun pastel colour options. This stylish Italian car is perfect for nipping around the city in the summer sun. It’s also very cheap to run with good fuel economy and low road tax, perfect for a little run around although not so well suited for long journeys. The roof folds in stages so you can find your desired height and even though the window frames stay in place, it still gives a great feel when driving in the sun. Search for Fiat 500s on finance here.

Mazda MX5


The Mazda MX5 is famous among car enthusiasts for being one of the best reasonably priced sports cars you can get. With its striking looks and nimble drive it’s excellent value for money and you won’t have to worry about an extortionate petrol budget either. The Mazda MX5 convertible has a fabric folding roof which has to be folded down manually by hand, but this doesn’t detract from the overall experience of owning this car. Fun is a certainty in this car and it is an ideal summer ride. Search for Mazda MX5’s on finance here.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Convertible


The Citroen DS3 Cabrio convertible is a fun car to drive and is also completely customisable, so you can personalise it to your exact specifications. The 1.6 litre model is our choice as it has a sporty feel and is comfortable to drive at higher speeds. The design is the real selling point with this car as they don’t scrimp on the detail, most noticeably the interior design which feels solid and luxurious. Like the Fiat, the convertible roof doesn’t drop down completely but it’s still perfectly suitable for soaking up the summer rays. Search for Citroen DS3’s on finance here.

BMW 4 Series Convertible


The BMW 4 series convertible is the follow up to the 3 series convertible and exudes style and sophistication. It is great for long car journeys as it is extremely comfortable, even the back boasts superior comfort so would suit a small family well. It has good steady handling which means it is perfect for both city driving and long summer road trips. The 4 series convertible is a smooth runner and is an enjoyable drive, but perhaps lacks the excitement of some other luxury sports cars. With its electronic, 3 piece folding hard roof it is both practical with the roof up and pleasant with it down. Impressive residual values and an elegant appearance make the 4 Series an excellent purchase decision. Search for BMW 4 Series’s on finance here.

Porsche Boxster


The Porsche Boxster is the cheapest Porsche you can buy but that doesn’t take away from its superior performance and quality. Such a well designed car really deserves the best driving roads and this car is ideal for exploring England and all its wonders. It is great fun to drive and with the choice between a 2.7 litre engine and a 3.4 litre there’s an option for everybody. It has a high quality electric fabric roof which filters out most outside noise and drafts. Overall this is a great car and is sure to deliver on speed and performance. Search for Porsche Boxster’s on finance here.

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