We love a good action film here at Creditplus, which is why we’ve put together this video with our definitive top 10 greatest car chases from the silver screen. Which piece of vehicular mayhem is number one? Watch our video rundown to find out.

What did you think of our list? Have we got it right or have we made any terrible mistakes? Let us know in the comments and we'll put together another video of those we've missed. In the meantime, the full car chases from our video are listed below.

10 - Fast Five "Bank Vault Chase"

9 - Goldeneye "St Petersburg by tank

8 - Mad Max 2 "Tanker escape"

7 - Blues Brothers "Escape through the mall"

6 - Terminator 2 "Storm drain pursuit"

5 - Ronin "Peugeot vs BMW"

4 - The Bourne Identity "Parisian escape"

3 - Goldfinger "Gadgets galore"

2 - The French Connection "Catching the train"

1 - Bullitt "Streets of San Francisco"

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