Just one insane moment from the new Furious 7 trailer

The new Furious 7 trailer is out and it looks like we’re in for another instalment of insane car chases and vehicular mayhem. Any trailer that opens with the lead characters parachuting cars out of an aeroplane is enough to get our motors running. To celebrate such an awesome trailer, we’ve put together a collection of our top 10 car chases.

Warning! Some of these film sequences contain language you might find offensive!

Fast and Furious 6: The Tank Chase

We start our rundown with the previous Fast and Furious Film, number six in the series. Perhaps more famous for the physics defying final chase on a seemingly infinite airport runway, we’ve gone for this tank chase as our favourite. When Dom (Vin Diesel) and his team attempt to recover some stolen military hardware, villainous Shaw (Luke Evans) attacks the team with a tank!

Did you know? The tank chase was initially designed to be created using CGI, but director Justin Lin insisted that the sequence had to be created practically.

Goldfinger: Gadgets Galore

When it comes to action sequences, not many films can beat James Bond for sheer variety and imagination. Back in 1964, Goldfinger introduced us to the iconic Aston Martin DB5 and its extra special features. In this famous sequence, Bond uses all the gadgets at his disposal to evade Goldfinger’s henchmen.

Did you know? At first Aston Martin didn’t want the filmmakers to use their cars in the film, meaning the production team had to pay for the cars themselves. After the immense success of the film’s release, car companies (including Aston Martin) will pay millions to have Bond behind the wheel of one of their cars.

Tomorrow Never Dies: Remote Controlled Havoc

Initially we were going to choose the tank chase in Goldeneye for our second Bond entry, but in the end we decided that this scene from Tomorrow Never Dies is better. Why? Well it showcases an incredible array of fantastic gadgets, but it also predates a lot of smartphone technology that is slowly trying to catch up with Bond. In this scene, Bond has to escape a multi-storey car park filled with goons. Luckily he has an app for that.

Did you know? The remote controlled cars were created by hiding a driver inside the backseat of the car, using a video screen and tiny steering wheel to drive. 15 BMW 750s were destroyed in the making of this sequence.

The Bourne Identity: A Nice Cruise Around Paris

Coming to cinema screens just as Bond was losing its way, The Bourne Identity took a realistic spin on the spy movie that changed the way action movies were made. This chase sequence shows just how different Bourne was to Bond, with our hero having to avoid the Parisian police in a beat up old mini. No gadgets, just amazing driving skills.

Did you know? The car chase wasn’t part of the original film, added after filming completed during additional shooting.

Ronin: More French road rage

An underrated crime drama, Ronin tells the story of a group of mercenaries who are betrayed by their employer. In a thrilling action sequence, again around the streets of Paris, its BMW vs Peugeot, Spy vs Spy.


Did you know? To help make the driving sequences more realistic, right hand drive cars were used with a fake steering wheel built onto the left. The actors would then sit beside the stunt men and mimic the actions of the stunt driver as they sped around Paris.

Drive: A Clean Getaway

Almost instantly a cult film, no other movie comes close to the coolness that seems to drip from every frame. Ryan Gosling plays “The Driver”, a wheelman for hire who gets in over his head when he falls for his beautiful neighbour and her young son. This opening sequence symbolises everything you can expect from the film – a lesson in intensity and coolness.


Did you know? The director of Drive Nicolas Winding Refn can’t drive, having failed his test eight times! During the shoot, the cast helped drive him from location to location, Carey Mulligan even getting pulled over by a cop when caught speeding.

The Blues Brothers: Anarchy In The USA

Some of the best car chases don’t always come from action films. Comedy films often have some of the craziest action sequences and The Blues Brothers is no exception. In this famous scene, the two leads played by Jim Belushi and Dan Akroyd attempt to lose the cops by driving through a busy shopping mall.

Did you know? During the filming of The Blues Brothers, over 100 cars were wrecked, a world record at the time of shooting (1980).

Mad Max 2: Desert Destruction Derby

From the city streets to the Aussie outback, as we travel into the post apocalyptic future for our next car chase. The Mad Max series is known for its outlandish vehicle and costume design. The finale of Mad Max 2 is no exception, with Max trying to rescue a tanker full of fuel from a gang of vicious outlaws.

Did you know? The final tanker roll stunt is one of the most dangerous to ever be put on film. The stunt man was told not to eat for 12 hours before the film, just in case he had to have surgery if the stunt went wrong.

The French Connection: Car versus Train

One of the best films from the seventies, The French Connection follows New York cop Popeye Doyle as he attempts to hunt down an evil French drug dealer. In one of the most famous chases in film history, Popeye pursues a criminal in his car, even though the criminal is on an L-train high above. Referenced and copied hundreds of times since, this chase sequence is almost heart stoppingly real in its intensity.

Did you know? One of the car crashes during the chase was a real life accident caught on camera. The driver didn’t realise a chase scene was being filmed and accidentally drove into the middle of it. Luckily for him, the film crew paid for his car to be repaired.

Bullitt: An American Icon

The only driver on this list that could beat Ryan Gosling for cool, Steve Mcqueen starred in one of the most iconic car chases to ever reach the silver screen. Bullitt follows one cop’s attempt to foil a government conspiracy. The film is remembered more for the chase sequence across the streets of San Francisco than the storyline. But when the chase is this good, does it matter?

Did you know? The original idea was to have a film score playing over the chase scene. Surprisingly it was the composer Lalo Schifrin who spoke out, saying the sounds of the cars themselves was enough of a soundtrack.

Terminator 2: Machine versus Machine

Finally, we have quite possible the best car chase on this list. Terminator 2 is the greatest action film of all time, without question, and it kicks off from the very start where our good guy terminator Arnie rides to rescue John Connor from the villainous T-1000.

Did you know? The iconic shot of the Harley Davidson jumping down into the storm drain was carried out by a stuntman, using steel cables to reduce the impact. These cables were edited out in post. That’s it for our top 10 awesome car chases? Have we made any obvious mistakes? Shout at us over at Twitter or Facebook!

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