Tonight is the 2016 UK Blog Awards, a glittering ceremony in central London that celebrates the collective works of some of the UK’s best bloggers across a number of industries.

Why are we telling you this? Because Creditplus have been nominated for an award! We’ve successfully reached the final shortlist for the Best Automotive blog category and, after winning this last year, we’re looking to come home with another piece of glassware for our (hopefully) growing awards cabinet!

What our 2015 win meant to us

From being ‘Highly Commended’ in 2014 to our win in 2015, our blogging team have kept up the momentum ever since, bringing you a huge and varied range of blogs that we hope have inspired, educated and entertained. We already know that this is a winning formula so we’re hopeful that tonight will see us as double winners!

The Judges

We impressed the judging panel last year, so this year we’re confident that our collective hard work will impress Tom Langan (social media whizz for Mazda UK) and Charlie Turner (Editor-in-Chief for BBC Top Gear magazine) so much that they’ll hand the prestigious title of Best Automotive winners to us.

Our best blogs

When you write award winning blogs like we do (well, it’s true!), it’s tricky to define which ones are some of your best. Our shortlist though includes these:

Icons of Motoring: Steve McQueen – A look at the iconic film actor and his passion for all things automotive. The unquestioned “King of Cool”, we look at his life and career that was cut tragically short.

What makes the Jaguar E-Type so special? – It’s one of the most iconic cars ever built, regularly topping polls for most beautiful. Even Enzo Ferrari said it was one of the greatest he had seen. So what is it that drives people crazy about this car? We took a look.

Evolution of Automotive Logos – What was the thinking behind some of the most iconic car makers choice of logos? How have they changed over the years? We took a look in this fascinating history blog.

Will we be winners again? Tonight’s the night…

While we await the news, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who voted for the Creditplus blog to help us reach the final shortlist. We know we’re up against some seriously good competition, but we’ll have our fingers crossed!

Follow us on Twitter and read our live Tweets during the ceremony – you’ll be the first to know if we’ve won!

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