In the second of our look at this year’s entrants into the 2016 UK Blog Awards, we’re spotlighting The Car Spy. Their blog looks at some of the most beautiful cars on the market – supercars, classics, just downright incredible vehicles. We asked the team at Car Spy to tell us a little bit about themselves, the cars they drive and the cars they dream about.

The Car Spy
Visit their blog: The Car Spy blog

About the blog

The Car Spy was established in 1998 and is primarily a brokerage business that specialises in the sourcing of prestige vehicles for wealthy clients. Since the company came about during the initial dot com boom it has paid particular attention to its web-based activities including the emerging social media channels. It is a father and son business (Richard and Mark Sekula) and both partners have a deep interest in cars generally but in particular for those cars that feature at the high end of the market and more recently in the burgeoning ‘modern classic’ movement.

First car


Dad Spy: Mini 850. Unforgettable go-kart handling which meant right-angled corners at 30 mph were a breeze. Soon learnt that not all cars were capable of such feats with latter purchases which proved to be rather costly.

Current car


Company hack was an Audi S3 until it got t-boned by an F-reg Defender. The S3 was written off and the Defender shuffled off with a bent front bumper. The S3 was a good all-rounder and the four wheel drive Quattro system was a real bonus for us country-dwellers. We now have a BMW M2 on order and hope it is everything we expect it to be. We always had an old-school M3 at our disposal back in the day and there is something about a sporty straight-six that stirs the emotions for us. Personal transport is a V8 Range Rover which is just about all things to all men and in the real world makes perfect sense at every level.

Dream car

Luckily the job means we get to drive all manner of four-wheel transport and therefore for us there is not one ‘dream car’ but a garage full of automotive wonders that would suit whatever mood came upon us. Shooting from the hip it would include a Supercharged Range Rover (of course), Lambo Aventador, 458 Speciale, 911 GT3 RS, Mac P1, Caterham R500, AM Vanquish (to pretend to be JB), Bentley Conti V8 and a whole host of cars from the 70’s and 80’s.

The Tesla P90D would be high on the list just for the fun factor of hunting down 911 Turbo’s (or any Lambo or Ferrari for that matter) for traffic light drag races. 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds in a mundane-looking exec saloon has a lot going for it in the fun stakes. Throw in the BMW i3 too. It is perfect in too many ways for getting from A to Z. Funky design, decent range (with the Range Extender model anyway), handy size, sprightly (BMW’s fastest car from 0 to 30 mph) and costs virtually nothing to run. Didn’t believe it, and wouldn’t have said it a year ago but the future is electric.

Thank you to the bloggers at The Car Spy for the insight into their world! Make sure you visit The Car Spy website for a look at the fantastic cars they deal with on a daily basis. You can also find them on twitter and facebook. If you liked this blog, then make sure you check out our profile of Take To The Road from yesterday, for another fantastic insight into one of this year’s car bloggers.

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