Londoners – if you think the congestion charge is bad, just wait until you hear what the government may be proposing to implement next.

In February, Boris Johnson’s press office released a statement outlining plans for the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in Central London, in a bid to ensure that London meets its air pollution targets for 2020. The plan is to ensure that all vehicles driving in Central London during working hours must be either low or zero emissions.

The mayor believes that this scheme will not only improve the air quality around London, but also prove to be an incentive for manufacturers to invest even more resources into researching low emission technology, and eventually stimulate the buyers market for those vehicles. By 2020, when the scheme may be introduced, London’s buses will be hybrid vehicles, and the famous black cabs will be capable of zero emissions – so it seems only fair that the capital’s cars will follow suit.

However, these restrictions could also mean that most cars registered before 2005 will be excluded from Central London, and cars registered before 2014 must meet strict requirements in order to be driven there. Some business’ will most likely have to swallow the cost of a brand new fleet of vehicles if they are operating in Central London, and individual’s whose cars do not meet the requirements will either have to make use of the public transport network or invest in a new car.

The London Assembly Environment Committee supports the proposal, but have written an open letter to Boris Johnson urging him to consider bringing the implementation date forward, claiming that 2020 is too late a date. Every year, over 4,000 deaths occur as a result of air pollution in the capital, according to the London Assembly. The introduction of the low emissions zone will not only help to reduce this figure for future generations, but will also play a part in tackling the issue of climate change.

Whether the changes are implemented early or not, the general opinion is that the Ultra Low Emissions Zone will come into effect eventually. As such, whether you are a business or individual, you may have to start thinking about upgrading your current vehicle to something that has low or zero emissions, thus future proofing yourself for when the scheme comes in.

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