Finding the right car can be a bit like finding your perfect partner. Or at least, a lot of the steps are very similar!

The search

You know how it goes. You scroll through pages and pages of car adverts until you find a hunky little set of wheels, contact the seller – only to find out the car has already been sold. Or worse, you leave the seller a message and they never call you back.

After pinning your hopes on a car, like a date, when things fall through it can be disheartening.

And what about the minefield of picking the right one to start with? How do you know you won’t be getting a lemon? Like the people you let into your life, you want to be able to feel like you can depend on your car. It needs to be safe and reliable, but ideally look good at the same time.

Dating app

Getting ready for the date

You’ll probably be spending a couple of hours tweezing, exfoliating and primping, to look your best. If your date turns up looking nothing like their picture, or like they’ve just rolled out of bed, you may feel a little bit miffed.

Getting ready

The date

‘I know a great little place, very romantic. It’s 40 miles away from you, in the middle of nowhere. Sound good?’

Erm, not so much. Once you’ve looked up where it is, see that you’ll need to take four buses and a quick hike across a moor to get there, it suddenly doesn’t really seem worth it.

Or your date suggests Patisserie Fancy Pants and suddenly you start to see the £ signs flashing before your eyes.


How we can help

We can’t help with your love life (sorry about that), but we can help you find your dream car.

With our Find, Fund and Deliver service, you won’t have any of the usual headache of finding a car.

Not only will we finance your car and offer excellent interest rates, but we can even find your perfect vehicle and deliver it straight to your door.

We are an RAC approved dealer, which also means our vehicles have undergone a rigorous 82-point check and full valet, so you can rest assured your car will turn up at your door sparkling clean and healthy, holding a bunch of red roses* and ready to sweep you off your feet.

Now, if only someone could create a dating app that does all this, our problems would be solved…

*That last one was a lie.

Photo of a car in a heart shaped frame

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Creditplus

Wishing you a day that’s filled with love…and perhaps a new car! 

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