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Forecourt Finance

Forecourt finance is the name given to a car finance deal that is negotiated and arranged by a dealer directly with the customer. The car finance agreement is then agreed and signed at the dealership. This normally takes place when a customer is looking to buy a car from the dealer and is interested in finding a finance arrangement to fund the purchase.

What Are The Benefits Of Forecourt Finance?

The primary benefit of forecourt finance is convenience. Being able to go to a dealership, choose a car and find a finance deal to allow you to buy a car can potentially remove a lot of the hassle of the car buying process. But are you getting the best deal?

Disadvantages Of Forecourt Finance

Apart from the potential to be pressurised into a deal by pushy salesmen, the big disadvantage of forecourt finance is that you aren’t necessarily getting the best car finance deal that your personal and financial circumstances make you eligible for.

Market research conducted by has shown that driving off the forecourt with finance direct from the dealer rather than shopping around for the most car competitive deal could cost motorists an extra £140 million pounds per year. Convenient yes, but you could be missing out on huge savings.

Dealerships often have a limited finance offering with a single lender. That means they will be unable to look across the market to find many lending options to present to you. Using a car finance broker allows you to compare multiple packages across a wide panel of lenders. Here at Creditplus, we compare over 100+ lending options for all our customers, allowing us to look across the whole market to see if there is a suitable finance package.

Another advantage of using a broker like Creditplus is that we are heavily regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that we have strict guidelines on how we work with customers and must put well-being and affordability above all else. This dedication to empowering customers with the information they need to make the right decision about their car finance options is ingrained in our company ethos and a big part of our ethical lending policy.

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