Soft credit search


A soft credit search, also referred to as a soft credit check, is a partial credit search run by lenders to determine your suitability for credit.

Soft credit searches will not leave a footprint on your Credit File, leaving your credit rating unaffected.


How it works

When you apply for credit, lenders use the information on your credit profile to determine your creditworthiness and affordability.

With a soft search, lenders use a snapshot of your credit profile to determine your eligibility.

They do not run a full credit search. Soft searches are not visible to lenders or third parties, only you can see them on your credit report.

Whilst a hard credit search will leave a footprint on your credit profile and can be seen by anyone viewing your credit profile.

Having multiple hard credit searches on your profile, may suggest to lenders that you’re credit hungry or experiencing financial difficulties.

Which in turn, can have a negative impact on your Credit Score.


Does a soft credit search affect my credit rating?

No. Unlike hard credit searches, soft credit searches are only seen by you and do not affect your credit rating, so there’s no reason to limit the number of soft credit searches you apply for.


Soft search loans for bad credit

At Creditplus, we understand that not everyone has a perfect credit score.

That’s why we have lending options available to all credit backgrounds, including individuals with Bad Credit.

For an instant decision, simply complete our quick, no-obligation Application Form and we’ll perform a soft credit search - without impacting your credit score.

Check Your Eligibility Today

Complete our no-obligation application form, for a free eligibility check - without impacting your credit score.

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