Car Finance Options

Car Finance Options

We understand that car finance can be a confusing subject; there’s a lot to think about and, more often than not, a lot of baffling terminology.

To make your car finance option journey as simple as possible, we’ve created a useful Car Finance Glossary that provides detailed definitions and explanations of the terms we may use in our conversations with you.

What are my car finance options?

Our most popular car finance options are:

What is the best car finance option for me?

This is your personal journey and obtaining a finance agreement of any amount is a big decision. We understand that so we've done two things to assist you: added our most popular Q&As from existing customers to our Help & Advice centre, and developed an interactive tool which will assist in determining which car finance option is best suited to your individual needs and circumstances.

Take this 30 second Q&A to find your best car finance option

Are you looking for a car for you or your business?

Are you interested in a new or nearly new* car?

*(less than 12 months old and fewer than 12,000 miles)

Are you likely to change the car every 2 to 3 years?

Will you be sourcing and running the cars yourself?

*Note car finance can be complex this is for guidance only.

Do you want to own the car at the end of the loan?

Do you want to take the risk on the residual value?

Do you want lower monthly payments or spread the entire cost?

Car finance option to consider is:

Looking to find out what your monthly repayments could be?

Calculate your monthly payments with our Car Finance Calculator


Best Rate:
Total repayment:
Cost of credit:


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