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When you’re buying a new car, you want to find the best possible deal. Applying for a car loan often allows you to get the car you really want, but may not have normally been able to afford. So how do you get the best car finance quote?

What you need from a car finance quote:

  • Competitiveness: The lowest possible rates of APR
  • Options: Different car finance products available
  • Choice: A range of lending options to choose from

Many companies are unable to provide you with that all important thing - choice. And that's where we're different.

How we provide you with a car finance quote

When you apply for car finance with us, we examine your details with what’s known as a soft credit search. This allows us to give you an instant decision* on your lending options without affecting your credit file. Why is this important? Well, because our search doesn't affect your file, it means we can look across our entire panel of lenders to find the right car finance option for you. We compare more than 90 lending options so when we speak to you about your car finance quote, you'll have all the options available to choose from.

Creditplus car finance quote process

In the majority of cases, you'll choose the cheapest car finance quote we have. However, you may want to see what the other options are, as different lenders may have certain terms or criteria that you might find more suitable.

Once you've chosen your ideal car finance quote, we'll then conduct a full credit search on your file to confirm your acceptance.

Which finance product should I choose with my car finance quote?

Choosing the right finance product depends on your plans for the car at the end of your car finance agreement. Do you want to keep it? Do you want to trade it in for something better? Or do you just want to hand it back to the dealer? Our Customer Advisors will work with you to find the best car finance option for your individual needs. In the meantime, use our table below to get an idea of the product you’re looking for.

car finance options product table

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Found your car finance quote? Now find your perfect car

The best part about the Creditplus instant decision* is that you have more time to focus on finding the right car for you. Whether it’s looking for a car from our database of more than 60,000 cars nationwide, or finding out more details about a car you’ve seen advertised elsewhere online, you can focus on finding the perfect vehicle.

With the options provided by our competitive car finance quote, you’ll have a wider range of cars to choose from as you know you have an affordable car finance package waiting.

*An instant decision is based on a representative APR of 18.5%

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