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If you're looking for the best value car finance deal, did you know that new car finance is not necessarily the right option for you? There is a key factor that affects all new cars that can seriously reduce the value you get from your new car finance deal – depreciation.

Whilst purchasing a new car can get you access to the latest models, as soon as you drive a new car off the dealer forecourt you can lose 11% of your car’s value. After three years, this can increase to 40%, and if you drive over 10,000 miles a year, your car can be worth 60% less at the end of three years.

So you get access to the latest model, but lose most of the value in the car almost immediately. New car finance is suitable for those who don't need to retain value in their car for selling in the future. To work out how you can afford your new car, use our Car Finance Calculator.

Nearly New cars | How you can save money

While having a brand new car that nobody else has ever driven before is certainly attractive, it can often make more sense financially to choose a nearly new car instead of new car finance.

Nearly new cars allow you to have almost all of the benefits of buying a new car at a much lower cost. Not only is the initial price lower, but the rate of depreciation is much lower, so you don’t end up losing as much value in your car.

At Creditplus, we classify a nearly new car as being no more than one year old, which means all of the in-car technology and safety equipment is up to date. Nearly new cars come with a small amount of miles on the clock, so you can be confident that the engine is still going to be in excellent condition.

Whilst we can’t turn a nearly new car into a brand new car, our Car Preparation team will make it feel as close to one as they possibly can. Each and every car that we supply goes through our Preparation Centre for an inspection to ensure any imperfections are taken care of before the car is delivered to you. Once you take ownership of your car, you'll have a car that looks and feels like new, despite technically being second hand. If you want to take advantage of this service, you can find out more on our Find, Fund & Deliver page.

Car Finance with Creditplus

Applying for car finance with Creditplus is a simple process. We compare over 90 lending options to match you with the best deal for your credit circumstances. Our Ethical Lending policy means that we won’t just sign you up for any deal. We work with you to find the right package that you can comfortably afford, ensuring you can get behind the wheel of your new car without worrying about your finances.

The process involves three stages:

  • Complete our 2 minute online application form. Once you have done this, you'll receive an instant decision on your car finance options
  • Find the car that matches your exact requirements when you browse thousands of nearly new and used cars in our UK Car database
  • We'll work with the finance provider and the car dealer to get the best car finance package available for you

Then it’s simply a matter of completing the paperwork, agreeing the deal, and you'll soon be on the road in your nearly new car.

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