Used Car Finance

Customer driving a new carCreditplus is one of the leading UK used car finance companies, helping thousands of customers get behind the wheel of a fantastic new car each year. We have put together an extensive panel of lenders with over 90 different lending options available to our customers. So we can find the right finance package to suit your situation, no matter what your credit rating or history might be.

Applying for used car finance with Creditplus is simple; it doesn’t matter whether you organise your car privately or whether Creditplus finds the car for you, we can provide the right finance package to match your needs.

There are a number of financial products available when it comes to used car finance and you can find out more about our products on our Car Finance Options page. You can also work out how you can afford your used car by using our Car Finance Calculator.

How It Works

Applying for Used Car Finance with Creditplus is a simple process three step process.

  1. Complete our 2 minute online application form and receive an instant online decision* on your car finance options
  2. Choose a vehicle from our comprehensive used car search, tell us about a car you’ve already found, or have our vehicle buying team search for your perfect car.
  3. We’ll work with the lender and car dealer to get the best car finance package for you.

Then it’s just a matter of waiting for everything to clear so you can get behind the wheel of your new car.

Why choose Used Car Finance?

If money was no object, we would all like to buy a brand new car. For those who do not have enough cash to pay for the whole car upfront, it usually makes much more financial sense to buy a used car. You can often get a lot more car for your money with used car finance compared to what you would get if you financed a brand new vehicle, plus you won’t suffer as much from depreciation.

Due to the way that new cars depreciate in value (some can lose up to 30% of their value in the first year alone!), when you purchase a new car, you stand to lose a sizeable percentage of the car's value as soon as you drive it off the dealer forecourt.

The advantage of choosing used car finance is that you avoid this large drop in value. So not only do you lose less money over time, you can also reduce your monthly finance payments. Car finance packages such as Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Lease Purchase (LP) work are based on a car’s depreciation in value. You effectively pay for the depreciation in the car’s price from the start of the agreement to the end of the agreement. Used cars do not suffer as much depreciation, so your monthly finance payments will be a lot lower. 

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Finding a Car

If you decide to finance a used car, you have a number of options available to you.

The quickest and easiest way is to use our Car Search tool to search our database of more than 60,000 cars for the perfect vehicle. All our cars come from our network of trusted dealers, so you can be confident that the car you buy is right for you. Our database has cars from trusted dealers nationwide, giving you much more choice when it comes to finding a car that meets all your requirements.

You can also buy a used car from a dealership. Once we have carried out our checks to make sure the dealership is trustworthy, we can organise the finance for your car and you can drive it away. 

You can also buy a used car privately from an individual via a newspaper or online classified advert. Creditplus can then provide the funds you need to buy the car from the private seller. Speak to your Customer Advisor who will advise you on the process for this type of car finance deal. Remember, you may want to conduct a vehicle check on a car bought from a private seller. 

For those customers who are having trouble choosing a car or simply cannot find the car they want, we can source and supply your vehicle through our Find, Fund and Deliver service. Our expert Logistics team will scour the country to find the car you want and, once the finance is in place, we will even deliver it direct to your doorstep.

 *Note: An instant online decision is based on a representative APR of 9.9%

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