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Credit Clinic

Looking for car finance, but don’t know your credit rating? Not sure you understand what your credit rating means and what you can do to improve it?

The Creditplus Credit Clinic is here to help you answer all your questions, so you have all the information you need before applying for car finance.

Because providing a transparent and ethical financial service is a priority to us, we’ve designed an unbiased guide to help you understand what causes a bad credit rating and what steps you can take to repair it.

How do I use the Credit Clinic?

The Credit Clinic is designed to take you on a journey, which hopefully results in you being in a much better position with regards to your credit rating. Here’s how we can help you get there:

  • Diagnosis Centre: Here you'll find a breakdown of each of the five credit ratings, what they mean for finance companies, and what they mean for your personal circumstances.
  • Causes:  Discover the potential causes that could have impacted your credit file. This is key to understanding what you can do to improve your credit rating help prevent damaging it in the future. 
  • Repair: This is where you'll find some useful tips we've gathered to help you improve your credit file.  
  • Resources: Finally, we've compiled a detailed list of third-party websites offering quality, trustworthy advice on your credit and finance in general. These include debt charities that can help you manage your credit file going forward.

Got a question for us?

If you require further assistance, our team of Customer Advisors are here to help. We're open six days a week - you can view our opening hours here - and we're more than happy to answer your questions.