Credit Clinic

Welcome to the Creditplus Car Finance Credit Clinic. When applying for finance, your credit rating is used to assess you before a deal is accepted by a lender. For some, this can be a confusing process. Many of us don’t even know what our credit rating is until we apply.

Here at Creditplus, we’ve designed an unbiased guide to help you discover what your rating means, what causes a bad credit rating, and the positive steps you can take to help repair your credit file. We've also supplied a list of useful websites that we recommend you visit, so that you can receive advice to suit your individual circumstances. 

The Credit Clinic: How do I use it?

The Credit Clinic is designed to be a journey, where by the end you'll hopefully be in a much better position with regards to your credit rating.

  • The first part of the Credit Clinic is the Diagnosis Centre. Here you'll find a breakdown of each of the five credit ratings, what they mean for finance companies, and what they mean for you.

  • The second part is Causes. Here you'll discover the potential causes that could have impacted your credit file. This is key to understanding what you can do to improve your credit score and help prevent damaging it further in the future.

  • Part three is the Treatment section. This is where you'll find some useful tips we've compiled to help you improve your credit file.  

  • The final place to go is our Resources page. Here we've compiled a detailed list of other websites offering quality, unbiased advice on your credit and finance in general. These include debt charities that'll help you manage your credit file going forward.

Got a question for us?

If you require further assistance, our team of Customer Advisors are here to help. We're open six days a week - you can view our opening hours here - and we're more than happy to answer your questions.