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Our most popular commercial vans include the VW Transporter, Vauxhall Vivaro, Ford Transit and the Renault Trafic. When it comes to taking out commercial van finance the most popular Q&As will be listed here. If you can’t find the answer to your question on commercial van finance, please speak to one of our Customer Advisors by using our LiveChat functionality, found on the right hand side of this webpage.

What are your most popular commercial van finance deals?

Historically, Hire Purchase is by far the most popular commercial van finance deal that we offer, although we can also offer Lease Purchase (dependant on circumstances).

Contract Hire and Personal Contract Purchase are becoming more and more popular finance options in this area. However it's always worth considering that the vehicle will need to be returned in a good standard which, due to the nature of work that commercial vehicles are used for, this could prove to be difficult. There's also a 30,000 mileage restriction per year when you opt for a leasing product. 

How do I determine if the commercial vehicle is classified as a van?

There can be a fair amount of confusion when it comes to choosing commercial van finance, especially if you don’t know the category which it falls under.

This can be a grey area for many motorists with the extensive range of vehicles currently available to them on the market. A large amount of the confusion derives from vehicles which fall under the light commercial vehicle category; because of their dual-purpose nature these are vehicles such as vans or pick ups which have a maximum weight of 3.5 tons.

Regular saloons, estates or hatchbacks are classified as M1 passenger carrying vehicles and are classified as cars.

People carriers, minivans and multi-purpose vehicles (also referred to as MPVs) are solely used for social, domestic and pleasure are also classified as cars; these only become commercial vehicles if they're going to be used commercially or marketed for business purposes. If you're in doubt, please refer back to your V5 document and look for line J – Vehicle Category.

For further information as to what's considered as a commercial vehicle, please click here.

How old can the van be at the start of a finance agreement?

As a general rule we ask for vans to be no more than 5 years old at the beginning of the finance agreement.

What is the maximum mileage allowed on a commercial van at the beginning of the finance agreement?

The maximum mileage again will differ depending on the lender and the type of product you opt for. However as a general rule we ask for vans to have no more than 100,000 miles at the beginning of the finance agreement.

Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:01/02/2019
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