How can I request my credit report?

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Your credit report is a version of your credit file that can be requested from any of the major credit reference agencies, and can be incredibly useful when trying to figure out why you may have Bad credit, or keep track of your credit arrangements or address history. Each of the credit agencies can differ when it comes to the information they have on your credit file and what goes onto your credit report, so it can be useful to take a look at all three in order to ensure you have a good understanding of your credit rating.

How can I find my credit report from Experian?

Experian offer an online service called Credit Expert. With this service, you can see all the details of your credit report (including all credit arrangements and searches), and you also get a credit score which is a simple visualisation of the state of your credit worthiness at the time you’re looking.

Experian usually charge a monthly fee for access to Credit Expert, although they do offer a 30-day trial for free, so it’s worth signing up for this if you’ve never seen your credit report before.

Where do I find my Equifax credit report?

As mentioned above, the information Experian have on their credit report could differ slightly from Equifax, which is why it’s worth requesting credit reports from all of the major agencies. Equifax have their own online service available to request your credit report and score with a free trial before becoming a paid-for service after 30 days.

All you need to do is visit their website, fill in your details and you’ll be able to see a wealth of data about yourself and the credit you’ve previously applied for (and been declined from) over the last 6 years.

Who are Callcredit, and can I get a credit report from them?

Callcredit are the third of the big three credit agencies in the UK. They may not be as well known as the other two, but they are more than worth the time to get a copy of the credit report they have on you.

Callcredit offer the 'Noddle' credit report, the only agency to offer an online service for free without a trial period. They also offer a more in-depth credit report with a credit score. These services are available from the Callcredit website, where you can also find information on how to request a statutory credit report from the agency, which will cost a nominal fee of £2.

What to do with my credit report

Once you have received your credit report, you will want to look over the file for any adverse credit or problems that could negatively affect your file. For more information on what can cause a bad credit rating, visit our Credit Clinic Causes section. Here we detail potential problems that can cause you to have a Bad credit rating. You can also find more information on the five types of credit rating, what action you can take to start improving your credit score, and also a list of companies and charities that can help you with your finance problems. Find out more in the Credit Clinic.

Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:31/01/2019
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