How to check if you can get car finance

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The aim of every Creditplus customer’s application is to be accepted for car finance. In this section we explain what information is needed to ensure the decision is positive.

When applying for finance there are a number of variables that have to be considered about the customer to ensure that the lender feels they're a safe risk to lend money to. Many lenders will use this risk as a major part of their decision making process; if you're accepted for car finance a lot of the information used to determine the decision will come from a customer's credit file.

Although the credit file is important, it's not the only thing that lenders will check and there are some other key elements which could determine the success of your car finance application.

Don’t worry; being accepted for car finance is not a hugely complicated process; you simply need to be able to show a lender that you're a safe enough risk for them to lend their money to.

The following sections shows many of the topics that will be considered when applying for car finance.

Are there age requirements to be accepted for car finance?

There are both minimum and maximum age limits for consumers applying for car finance. To check to see if you qualify, you can find out about all the age requirements necessary to qualify for car finance here.

Will lenders check my location or residence status?

Your residential location is something that lenders will check when deciding if you'll be accepted for car finance. Find out all the information you need to know in our location help section.

How do deposits work with car finance?

Find out the truth about how deposits work with car finance. Our Help section will explain if a deposit is necessary or not for you to be accepted for car finance. Read more here about how deposits work.


How do I check if my credit score will help me get car finance?

Consumers who actively monitor their credit file may refer to their credit score as a point of reference when applying for car finance. Although having a Good credit score may help you be accepted for car finance, there are other elements that could render this irrelevant. We have a complete section about your credit history which will provide you with all the information you need to understand your credit file.

If you can’t find the topic you’re looking for here, please take a look at the rest of our Help section on qualifying for car finance, or speak to one of our Customer Advisors by using our LiveChat service.

Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:31/01/2019
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