Is my information secure when I make an online application with Creditplus?

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Here at Creditplus we understand how important privacy is to our customers, especially when you're discussing sensitive information. Below, we answer some key questions surrounding your privacy and how we use your information.

Is the process of my online application confidential?

Any details you submit on your online application form are considered to be strictly confidential and will only by viewed by the necessary parties required to secure your car loan. These parties include Creditplus and credit reference agencies.

Is the process of my online application secure?

All pages on the Creditplus website (not just the Apply page) are encrypted and you'll notice when browsing our website that you'll see 'https' and the "lock" icon before the website page URL.  

How does Creditplus comply with the General Data Protection Regulation?

We take the privacy of our customers very seriously at Creditplus, and fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information on our Privacy Policy and how we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, please read our Terms & Conditions. If you have any further questions about how we use your online application data, and the measures that we have in place to protect your privacy, please use our Chat System service found on the right hand side of the page to talk to a Customer Advisor today.

Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:31/01/2019
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