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Car Monstrosities – Movie Monsters And Their Rides

Humans can think up some pretty horrifying things when given the task. The creatures and places dreamed up from that dark place in our minds have terr... Read More

Fun Finance Facts – September 2013

With the UK motor industry continuing to report an uplift in sales it seems consumers are still keen to buy new vehicles. While we are now entering th... Read More

Transport as an economic indicator

Here at Creditplus we love data, and love to use it to find trends. Using our own data and various surveys, we conducted a study into the distances th... Read More

Audi’s 2014 A3 Cabriolet

Volkswagen Group’s pre-show press conference at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, there was a lot of spectacle, a fair bit of metal and even mo... Read More

A Woman’s Guide to Car Repairs

Update: Check out our Marvelous Mechanics checklist, which you can download by clicking here. Tick off each step as you go, and make sure you stay in ... Read More

Highlights from Frankfurt 2013

With all the big news from the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show revealed, it’s time we took a look back at the last week and the cars we’ll be seeing on Europ... Read More

Friday 13th – The most superstitious date in the diary

On Friday the 13th of September, more than 60 million people worldwide will claim to be affected by a feeling of intense superstition. A feeling so st... Read More

Fascinating Finance Facts – August 2013

August was an interesting month in the world of finance. The UK finally seems to be putting the doom and gloom of recession behind us and it is clear ... Read More

The Agonizing Adventure of Alfa Romeo

How are Alfa Romeo still here? Don’t get me wrong, I love the italian motor co as much as the next guy, but it’s somewhat vexing to think that they’re... Read More

Ford Fiesta – The Little Car That Could

Try to visualise four million cars. Just try it. It’s hard, isn’t it? A car will be, to most people, one of the biggest purchases they will ever make ... Read More