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Is the electric car market set to grow in 2013?

There is no doubt that 2012 has been something of a turning point for the worldwide electric car market although perhaps sales have not been as strong... Read More

CES – From The Show Floor

If you saw or read any ‘gadget’ news reports earlier this month it’s a fair bet the story came from the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). For fo... Read More

This Week in Cars – 5th-11th Jan 2013

The Secret Language Of Rally – Read it hereFirst up is Gawker’s car blog Jalopnik (Follow them on Twitter here), with a great piece on what it is that... Read More

Top Motoring News of 2012

There are a number of different ways that you can analyse a year. What news stories hit the headlines? What changes were there in politics and current... Read More

Cars Back From The Dead – Infographic

When you look back over the history of motoring there have been hundreds of classic cars, but what happens when a manufacturer decides to resurrect a ... Read More

The Best Car Videos Of 2012

Everybody has a video camera these days, and a whole lot of people have cars. Therefore, the interwebnet is full of videos of people hooning around in... Read More

New Cars Launching in 2013

Christmas recedes in the rear-view mirror, prepare to start being beguiled by some interesting new cars as the New Year gets under way. An automotive ... Read More

Dictators’ Favourite Cars

Santa, as all good children know, doesn’t reward naughtiness. So if you’re a great (or not-so-great) dictator, it would seem that your chances of Chri... Read More

Tolling UK Roads – Is it a Good Idea?

As a motoring journalist I get supplied with test cars from manufacturers. I appreciate I’m privileged, but I also have two of my own so I know about ... Read More

Motor Finance Industry Update – Dec 2012

Our recent figures show that over 87% of consumers using car loans this year placed less than 5% as the vehicle deposit, preferring to use as much loa... Read More