It’s that time again! The best car videos of the week! In this week’s edition, we have an incident of racing road rage, some painful stunts and a lot of crashes caught on camera.

Racing Road Rage

Racing road rage video, and we move to Nascar where a post race brawl broke out after some post race shenanigans. Skip to 2 mins 15 seconds for the fun.

Makes your bones flinch

Warning. This next video contains some idiots hurting themselves and your limbs might twitch at the sight of their pain. Youtube stunt group P.O.R. Stunts have put together a compilation of ten failed attempts to jump over a moving car.

Two Supercars Pitted Against Each Other

The guys over at The Supercar Driver recently pitted two of the best supercars on the market against each other – the Ferrari F40 vs the Porsche Carrera GT. Make sure you have the volume turned up so you can really hear those engines.

Pure Adrenalin

Next we have a trailer for a documentary looking at classic old school touring cars. Some of the footage in this video looks simply breathtaking.

And finally…

The Fiat 500X is coming soon and the advertising campaigns are starting to appear. This fun advert comes from the US and takes a risque approach to the 500X new size.

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