The Vauxhall Insignia

The Creditplus car review: We take a look at one of the cars we’re financing to see what it has to offer, what our customers are saying and what deals we have available. In this edition, we look at the Vauxhall Insignia. A popular car amongst new professionals and those in management, the Insignia is often one of our most popular cars we finance each month.




The Vauxhall Insignia is a versatile model available in hatchback, saloon or tourer models. Whilst usable as a family car, the Insignia is becoming increasingly popular with new professionals looking for a car for the commute. Another advantage of the Insignia is the low company car tax applied, which has made the car more popular as a fleet vehicle. In 2013, the Insignia underwent a redesign of the exterior and interior styling and was fitted with a new improved engine and better safety features.


“The car from the outside looks streamlined and sporty. Very tidy looking great in white. Almost space age. The inside is very tidy and smart looking. Very large boot space even bigger with the seats down. Dashboard looks great. Sat nav brilliant.”
-Mr Spencer, Creditplus Customer Car Review

“Outside the vehicle looks classy from the outset. The slightly pointed rear is reminiscent of a Jaguar. This car is a gorgeous mid blue and just looks fantastic.”
Creditplus Customer Car Review

Tech Spec

The Insignia comes in a range of different engine sizes and shapes.

Hatchback: The five door variant is available in diesel and petrol models, engine sizes ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 litres. The CDTI design variant can achieve up to 76.3 mpg. Ideal for those who want a car for business and pleasure.
Saloon: The saloon comes in a 4 door model. 2.8 VXR Supersport model is at the top end for those looking for some kick.
Tourer: With more storage space, the Tourer is the largest of the three variants. Available in Sports and Country, the Tourer is more versatile for those with an active lifestyle. Ideal for golf clubs.

“Throttle is responsive and the steering reacts well. Press the Sport button and everything changes. The suspension stiffens up and the throttle and steering become even more reactive. Oh and the dash lighting changes from white to red, which gives it a kind of demonic look.”
SRIBoy, Creditplus Customer Car Review

“This is the 220BHP model with a 2.0l turbo engine and it’s quick, really quick! Great fun to drive and puts a smile on my face every time.”
Creditplus Customer Car Review

All Insignia’s are fitted with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard. Automatic transmission comes with ActiveSelect to help shifting. Those looking for speed may be disappointed by the 0-62mph in 10+ seconds, top speed of around 127mph.



The interior of the Insignia has a very spacious feel, with plenty of legroom in the front and back seats. The design and layout of the dashboard has been attuned to a driver’s needs, whilst the seats are very comfortable.


“The inside is very tidy and smart looking. Very large boot space even bigger with the seats down. Dashboard looks great. Sat nav brilliant.”
Frank Spencer, Creditplus Customer Car Review


One of the key attractions of the Insignia is its excellent safety rating. Scoring a 5 star rating from NCAP back in 2008, it was re-tested in 2009 and achieved the same score. In addition to the NCAP rating, the Insignia comes with a number of advanced safety technologies. Adaptive Cruise Control will keep you moving at a safe decision from the car in front of you. Side Blind Zone Alert will monitor your blind spots and warn you if a car is there. Rear Cross Traffic Alert will help when reversing out of a parking bay, warning of any oncoming traffic from either direction. Lane Change Alert works in a similar way to the Blind Zone Alert, warning you of rapidly approaching traffic when changing lanes.



New Insignia models come with Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to access applications on the touch screen display in the centre of the dashboard. Video playback and audio streaming is also available, plus digital radio is fitted as standard. The touchscreen display also comes with a built in Sat Nav system.

Vauxhall Insignia

Creditplus can provide finance for new and used Vauxhall Insignia’s in any of the variants and engine sizes available. To find out how we can help you, complete our application form for an online decision. Our team of friendly customer advisors will find the right deal tailored to your needs, allowing you to sit back and relax as we do all the hard work for you. So why are you waiting? Apply now.

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