Welcome to our roundup of the best cars of the week. In this edition, we have videos on “The Fast and The Furious” – polish style, dangerous driving by teens, and an amazing new advert from Honda. Plus flying cars, Steve Mcqueen and the latest weird TV adverts.

Eastern Europe Fast and Furious

The new Furious 7 film was released last weekend, breaking box office records as it became another blockbuster. A Polish comedy troupe put together a crazy video, remaking the first Furious 7 trailer. It’s insane, but in a good way.

Top Ten Fast and Furious Cars

The team at Creditplus have also gone Fast and Furious crazy. To celebrate Furious 7 being released, we’ve put together our top 10 greatest Fast and Furious cars. Watch the video, then have a read of our in depth list.

Don’t text and drive

This seemingly innocent practice has become more and more popular, with accidents and deaths increasing too. We took a look at some of the frightening statistics back in August. This video from the American Automobile Association shows just how dangerous teens are when they text and drive on the road.

Latest piece of Honda magic

Honda often produce some of the most innovative and creative adverts out of all the car manufacturers. In fact, we rated Honda’s “Cog” as the best car advert of all time in our feature on car television advertising. Their latest advert is just as good, a mind bending loop that becomes even more impressive if you visit Honda’s youtube site.

Where we going, we don’t need roads.

Actually you do need roads. At least, that’s if these flying cars from Aeromobil become the norm. The first units go on sale in 2017, so we might soon be seeing these all over our roads.

Icon: Steve Mcqueen

No one embodies effortless cool as well as Steve Mcqueen. If he was alive today, there would be no doubt that he would have made an appearance in Top Gear’s “Star in a reasonably priced car” segment. Sadly he passed away far too young. These next two videos showcase more about his passion for cars, in particular his Ferrari 275 GTB, sold for $10 million dollars at auction last year.

And finally…

Overdramatic PSA of the week goes to this one from the Australian Transport Accident Commission. Whilst the intentions are good, I don’t think it’s necessarily true. When I drive I shout and swear all the time, something my parents never did in front of me. Maybe that’s more GTA games than parental influence!

And then Smart come along with a smug little advert showcasing how small they are. The problem here isn’t parking, its the other cars leaving such a small gap in the first place!

That’s all folks

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