BMW Video Compilation

When you think of BMW, a lot of words come to mind. Prestige, power, performance. Pleasure. To celebrate the company behind Creditplus’s most popular car, we’ve put together a video compilation showcasing just what makes the car so special.

About the video

We decided to create this video as a way of celebrating one of the most prestigious car makers to have ever hit the road. The BMW 3 Series is regularly the most popular car here at Creditplus, in fact more customers chose the BMW 3 Series than any other car in 2014 and 2013.

The video was created by merging together videos from BMW's highly impressive youtube account, combining historical, promotional and adverts into one whole. We wanted to try and create a video that shows how it feels to own a BMW, how the German engineering and elegant design combine to create something special.

To watch the videos in the compilation in full, visit the BMW youtube channel. A truly stunning collection of videos dedicated to the famous car maker. Make sure you check out some of the BMW Stories for a look at some true BMW fans.

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