It’s time for car finance facts. A regular update with all you need to know about which cars are selling, how the industry is doing, and other interesting finance facts – this time from the month of June!

Want to see how car buying and financing trends change across time? We have the finance facts from earlier in the year ready and waiting below.

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June was a successful month for both Creditplus and the motor industry as a whole. Check out the car finance facts and see for yourself!

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series was the most popular financed car for the month of June. The third month in a row it has topped our chart.


New car registrations rose 6.2% in June to 228,291 units, the 28th consecutive month of growth.*


On average, our customers were 37 years old - the same as May.


The average amount we loaned to our customers in June was £11,598.56.


"I see a red door and I want to paint it..." For the 11th consecutive month - Black was the most popular colour choice.


This was the average amount that our customers put down as a deposit for their car finance in May.


The average loan term was 52 months.


The Ford Fiesta is the most popular car in the UK this month with sales of 11,253 nationwide. In second place was the Vauxhall Corsa at 7,961, with the Ford Focus in third at 7,399.


Registrations for 2014-to-date pass the 1 million mark, rising 21% to 1,287,265 in May.

*Source: The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders – Motor Industry Facts 2014

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