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Why we love Honda TV Commercials

Here at Creditplus we have recently identified the top 5 considerations for our customers when buying a car as: Price Reliability Fuel Consumption Sa... Read More

Coca-Cola Christmas truck – coming to a city near you!

Many people will get excited at the first sight of the Coca-Cola Christmas advert, as for many it is the unofficial countdown to Christmas. This year,... Read More

Car Monstrosities – Movie Monsters And Their Rides

Humans can think up some pretty horrifying things when given the task. The creatures and places dreamed up from that dark place in our minds have terr... Read More

Gran Turismo and Me: A Retrospective

As an 11-year-old nerd without a care in the world past the annoying homework I’d have to do every now and then, I had a lot of time to spend playing ... Read More

Playing Away – The distances football fans go to see a game.

Football fan loyalties know no bounds and when it comes to driving, supporters are prepared to clock up thousands of miles each season to see their te... Read More

Which Car Manufacturers are the Most Social

Today businesses flock to Facebook and Twitter trying to make good use of the new-found marketing tools. Many do it because an “expert” has told them ... Read More

Automotive Personality – Personalised Number Plates

More likely than not, your car cost a pretty penny, and you no doubt agonised over the decision. Which make and model was right for your lifestyle and... Read More

Parking At A Premium

Renowned for being a city of firsts, New York City provided a motoring landmark moment last summer when property firm Prudential Douglas Elliman offer... Read More

Star Cars – The Greatest Restored Movie Cars

There have been a host of film and TV series where the vehicles used have stolen the show as much as the actors performances. Andy Greeves profiles so... Read More

The quickest car in the world… and it’s not for sale

The Bloodhound SSC – Image courtesy of Curventa and Siemens It’s faster than any Bugatti, Porsche, or Ferrari. It’s faster than many aircraft. In fact... Read More