Could you picture yourself as a millionaire? Of course you could – a life of luxury with (very few) cares in the world sounds like something the majority of us wouldn’t turn down.
Sadly though, having literally ‘a million’ won’t get you as far as you’d want or like.

This realisation dawned on the Creditplus blogging team recently when the age-old question of ‘What would you do if you won the lottery?’ circulated around the office. We instantly began working out our shopping lists that would fill our own virtual 10-car garages; a Bugatti Veyron first, or a Lamborghini Gallardo? What about a Porsche 911 though? Or a classic Mercedes 300SL? So many choices…

The research continued until we found some of the world’s most expensive cars – and there are some fairly eye-watering price tags. So, for any millionaires out there (and the aspiring ones too), we put together an infographic of what we think are some of the cars most suitable to a millionaire. Would you choose any for your fantasy garage?


What would your dream car be?

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