The latest team to reveal their 2015 Formula One car is Ferrari, who today unveiled the Ferrari SF15-T that Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel will be racing in this season.


Last season was not great for the famous prancing horse, recording its worst performance in the Constructor’s Championship for over twenty years. Finishing with just 216 points, 485 behind runaway leaders Mercedes. The new car has been designed by James Allison, Technical Director of Ferrari who rejoined the team from Lotus in 2013. Featuring a much more rounded nose design to the one used last season, whilst the new car retains the front suspension system with the unconventional pull-rod system first implemented last season.


In addition to the new car, Ferrari will be hoping that the addition of Sebastian Vettel to the team will improve performance. Vettel’s move was a shock to many, the golden boy of Red Bull switching to the famous red of Ferrari. The German told the BBC, “Starting the season will be something special. Everything red and it is a special colour. It means so much, with so much history. I am really looking forward to it.”


Ferrari have set their targets on two victories through the 2015 season, a modest proposal from the famous racing team but perhaps highlighting a more realistic approach famous for its passion. “Last year, we had an unacceptably large gap in our performance and we have tried to ensure the weaknesses on the ’14 car were put right,” said technical director James Allison. “A definite weakness of last year’s car was that the amount of electrical energy we were able to recover from the turbo was not really good enough for producing competitive power levels during the race. It was one of the reasons Ferrari’s qualifying performance was relatively stronger than race performance last year. We have tried to change the architecture of the engine to make it a better compromise between qualifying and racing performance.”


More photos and interviews with the team over at the Ferrari website.

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