Image: Original teaser photo from Aston Martin

Following closely behind the official announcement, recent photos show the new Aston Martin Lagonda touching down in Oman as it heads to the middle east for hot weather testing.

The historic Lagonda badge has been revived for a limited edition run of the iconic super series. Sixty seven years since the name was first bought by Aston Martin, Lagonda has been revived solely for the lucrative Middle Eastern market.

Recently released photos show the new Aston Martin Lagonda for the first time, away from the secrecy and teaser images that Aston Martin have recently unveiled. The shots show the Lagonda on the back of a trailer, having just been unloaded off a flight in Oman. The Lagonda is set to undergo some rigorous hot weather testing, preparing for its release sometime in 2015.


Image: Oman Air

It is unknown if these photos have been officially sanctioned by Aston Martin. The rather crude and unstylised manner of the car’s portrayal suggests otherwise. Oman Air released a press release to commemorate their partnership with Aston Martin and the part they will play in the Lagonda’s testing.


Image: Oman Air unloading the Lagonda

“Oman Air has developed an enviable global reputation as a luxury airline that offers innovation and the highest quality in every aspect of its operations, so we are the perfect partner to assist Aston Martin in heat-testing its stunning new Lagonda. Furthermore, our highly professional cargo division offers all the expertise needed to deliver the car from its factory in the UK to Oman, and back again in perfect condition once the testing has been completed.”

Whether the partnership will continue after this leak remains to be seen.

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