ULEV on charge

The UK government’s department for transport have announced that £11 million will be available to help accelerate the research and development of carbon cutting technologies. This money is part of a £100 million programme to reduce carbon emissions from cars and keep the UK at the forefront of green technology worldwide.

This follows on from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s announcement that £500 million of funding will be used to help spread the availability and use of Plug In Cars and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV). Sales of hybrid and green vehicles are growing in number. This injection of funding is designed to help the growth continue as well as assisting the UK in reaching the emission targets set by the EU.

Preparing for a green future

“This new £11m for R&D shows our support to UK companies leading the way to cleaner and greener transport technologies,” said Transport Minister Baroness Kramer, “They are investing in more efficient transport, and that is the best way to drive our economy forward.

“By 2040 we expect virtually all new cars and vans to be using carbon-cutting technology and we want to see as much of this as possible designed and built here, in the UK, delivering economic as well as environmental benefits.”

Business Minister Matthew Hancock also believes that this competition will have a positive affect on UK industry. “Our automotive industry has been completely revitalised over the last decade and – with a new lease of life – a new vehicle rolls off a UK production line every 20 seconds. As part of our long-term economic plan, investments like this will make sure that Britain is the leading light of the automotive industry – developing green technologies and creating thousands of new jobs across the country.”


Charging stations could become more widespread

The competition set up by the government is in cooperation with Innovate UK, a scheme to help fund and support businesses across the country. Full details of the competition can be found on their website.

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