On the 24th January Ford hosted their 2013 highlights at the legendary BAFTA Piccadilly Circus, London. I went along with my colleague Samantha Chilcott to hear more about the exciting launch of the Ford Mustang and the extraordinary Overland Challenge. It was a fantastic event, enjoyed by many – some who had even travelled from as far as Russia to help celebrate this brand’s wonderful success.

Mark Ovenden, the Chairman and Managing Director of Ford UK, opened the evening with a positive summary of Fords highlights and the brands success stories over the last year. It paid special tribute to Fords best selling models; yes you’ve guessed it, the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus. Indecently both these models made it into our Top 10 most popular cars of 2013 and have been on our top 10 financed cars for the past 3 years.

Mark commented that the 180PS Fiesta ST was declared the best hot hatch money can buy adding to the 15 other major awards which the Fiesta won last year. The Fiesta ST also won the 2013 Top Gear Car of the year – a real achievement for Ford.

2015 is also set to be a big year for Ford as they launch one of their most iconic cars from the USA into the EU.

Mark commented ‘ There is of course one more Ford that we are going to launch in 2015 which everybody is talking about and some indeed sing about. It has appeared in countless films, books and songs and spare a thought for Wilson Pickett who brought his girlfriend an original 65 version and he’s been trying to slow her down ever since!

Say hello the new Ford Mustang, which for the first time ever will finally be available to purchase in the EU after 50 years as a right-hand drive.

The new Rankin video for the Ford Mustang was shown featuring the actress Sienna Miller.

With the Ford Mondeo celebrating its 20th anniversary a short video was put together and narrated by Ray Winstone. This was shortly followed by a video of the Overland Challenge – An expedition that saw a team of drivers and their Mark 1 Ford Mondeo’s drive from London to New York in a 15,500 mile round journey travelling across Russia, and the Bering Strait in the middle of winter.


The Overland Challenge was the first ever attempt to drive overland between London and New York, and is remembered today as the greatest round-the-world adventure of modern times. It was a truly epic undertaking, costing millions but one that will not be forgotten quickly by those involved. A further insight into the Overland Challenge can be found here at Carwitter.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to met and build relationships with other talented motoring individuals who share the same interests.
Whilst there we had the opportunity to meet with some wonderful people, a few of whom we have profiled below.

Ian Cook – The talented artist and owner of Popbangcolour who paints using radio controlled cars and has featured on both Top Gear and the One Show.

Alex Goy – The editor at XCAR– The blog for the love of cars.

Matt Moore – The content Editor at Headline Auto – The UK’s most innovative automotive news agency.

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I am looking forward to the next Ford event and bringing you more insights into what’s new with Ford. I am off now to take a quiz by the Telegraph to see how much I know about Fords – why don’t you have a go too? Quiz: How much do you know about Fords

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