Samantha Chilcott


The Best Car Reviews of 2013

In times gone by, in order to find out the quality of a car you had to rely on a review popping up in your favourite car magazine, what your friends a... Read More

How the EU funds innovation in the UK automotive industry – Part Five

This is the final in a five part series about the UK automotive industry and its role within the EU. To read the previous articles, click the relevant... Read More

Best Car Finance Deal of the Month – Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is the best selling car in the UK, and comes in at a respectable number eight in Creditplus’ top ten most popular cars on finance in 2... Read More

The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part Four

Before reading this post, why not read the first few blog posts in this series, to help you understand more about what affect the EU has on the UK aut... Read More

13 things (almost) guaranteed to happen on the commute to work

It’s Monday morning, which means the weekend is over and it’s time to get back in your car and brave the traffic for your early morning commute. At fi... Read More

The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part Three

We are continuing our blog series about the UK’s automotive industry and how it is affected by the EU, with this third article. Here, will we explore ... Read More

The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part Two

Before reading this blog post, why not read the introduction to the series, “The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part One”. The EU accounts for a s... Read More

Satisfying Skodas Score Top Points

There’s something about the Skoda Yeti that’s grabbing the hearts and minds of the nation.It’s a fairly unassuming car – nothing that would turn your ... Read More

The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part One

The UK’s membership of the EU is a controversial topic, one which divides opinions everywhere. There are a plethora of arguments for and against the m... Read More

The Best Car Video of the Month – April

Top Gear tells us that every self-respecting petrolhead will own an Alfa Romeo at some point in their life, even though they aren’t renowned for their... Read More
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