I was thrilled to hear about the Benefit and Citroen partnership, introducing the Citroen DS3 concept (based on the DS3 D sport model) at this years Clothes Show live and to hear that Citroen were the main sponsor of the UK Fashion event.

The majority of the bloggers here at the Creditplus blog know about cars, I mean really know about cars, whereas I am a little ashamed to say (due to the work company that I keep) that when I choose a car it comes down to just 3 purchase decisions: price to buy, price to run and the aesthetics.

After talking with a couple of our Customer Advisors here, the general thought is that my three car purchase decisions are what most female buyers are interested in when choosing a car on Car Finance. So I am back to being an average person again.

I can almost hear the true automotive world fans squirming at the Citroen DS3 concepted customer features of an armrest which converts to house a Benefit Makeup kit, and the luxurious deep pile floor mats. But in all honesty I love the female focused solutions!

In summary, I would call the concept great work, fab concept and I need this in my life. Although I can’t really see my bloke driving it to Tesco Express. My fellow Creditplus bloggers comments about the Citroen DS3 concept included: “the shade of Pink is OK, but it doesn’t belong on a car”, “really not a fan of the colour or the concepted features”.

In a post by AutoExpress.co.uk they highlighted (here) a pretty interesting statistic for aesthetic fans, as they found out that: “Seven to eight per cent of Citroen buyers opt for a Fushia Pink roof”. The AutoExpress article also mentioned that the “SMMT records show 9,914 cars in the UK now have the colour pink registered on their V5 document”. Indicating that Benefit Cosmetics and Citroen could be looking at a most beautiful partnership.

The other Citroen DS3 concept features that I love include: bespoke LED lighting, Benefit branded Scatter cushions, a handbag hook, fragrance dispenser and a pretty vanity mirror emerging from the dashboard. Amazing! I may be a little biased in this blog post, as I am also a customer of Benefit Cosmetics, a huge fan of Benefit’s witty branding, use of candy stripes and their general point of difference in the beauty market.


To find out more about this collaboration: here are a few words from the Benefit leaders on the potential future of this concept car:

Ian Marshall and Gail Bojarski, Managing Directors of Benefit Cosmetics UK, said;

”Benefit has never shied away from doing things a little differently; it’s evident that we share this brave and creative ambition with Citroën and DS3 line. We love this concept and there’s no doubt it will make gals across the country smile no end. It’s so bold but girly with the Benefit graphics, colour scheme and the many female-focused features and solutions. Not your usual mode of transport, but that’s what makes it so special. We really hope to take things further and translate some of these ideas into a proper road-going Citroën and Benefit DS3 collaboration. Watch this space!”

Jules Tilstone, Marketing Director at Citroën UK added;

“This concept collaboration with Benefit has allowed us to explore more female themes for DS3 line and reach out to new markets. Benefit is a globally recognised cosmetics company, but they also have a strong brand image that is bold, energetic, stylish and individual whilst also being fun and playful – a perfect match for DS3. Bringing these two personalities together was a fantastic opportunity and I hope it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

If you too are a fan of car aesthetics, you may have noticed that there is an increasing amount of car manufacturers offering pink optional extras for their cars, including Kia, Renault and Peugeot.

If you are looking for a pink car then you may like to visit this post by AutoExpress.co.uk from October which lists the Best Pink Cars in the UK.

Alternatively to help you track down your ideal car, the first step would be to see if you qualify for Car Finance using our ‘Soft Searchonline decision tool. On receiving online acceptance you will be introduced to a Creditplus Customer Advisor, who will help you to find you the car you want with the features you desire and couple this with the finance you need.

I would love to hear what you thoughts are on the collaboration and on the concept of the car itself, post comments below or let me know over at my Twitter account which is mentioned in the Bio box below.

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