Learning a few simple car maintenance tips can save you a fortune in hefty garage repair bills. You don’t need to be a qualified mechanic either. Below Unipart Car Care Centres list some top money saving car maintenance tips that every motorist should be able to do.

Changing the oil

Checking to make sure you have enough oil in the car is one of the easiest ways to ensure your car runs smoothly. Oil plays an important part as it helps to lubricate engine parts and stop friction. If the engine runs low on oil then performance can suffer, leading to more serious and more expensive problems.

Tyre pressure and tread depth

You rely on your car tyres to get you from A to B, so keeping an eye on the pressure and tread depth will avoid unnecessary costs. Under inflated tyres will cause more drag resulting in greater fuel consumption. Not checking the tread depth is a major safety issue as the tyres will lack grip on the road. Also don’t forget to check the spare tyre.

Air filter

Making sure you check and change the air filter of your car will help with improved mileage, better acceleration and increased engine life. They’re not difficult to replace either. Simply open the bonnet of the car and locate the air filter box then replace the old filter with a new one.

Other fluid levels

Its not just your oil that needs to be topped up. Other fluids such as the transmission, anti-freeze/coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluid all need to be checked as well. The car owners manual will show you the steps needed to undertake these checks safely and in the right way.

Keeping it clean

This might sound like minor maintenance but in the long run your car will be better for it. A regular wash will keep the bodywork free from dirt and grime which can build up over time. During different weather conditions elements can corrode the bodywork which leads to rust. Once washed apply a good quality wax to help with all over protection.

If you’re unsure about attempting any maintenance on your car why not get one of our highly trained mechanics to service your car. Find your nearest UCCC garage today using our online garage finder and book an appointment.

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