The BTCC at Silverstone produced some phenomenal racing over the weekend as it so frequently does. More than 30,000 fans came out to watch the penultimate weekend of racing and they certainly were not disappointed.

Jason Plato and the MG KX Clubcard Fuel Save team enjoyed a double victory after Plato pulled out all the stops and displayed some serious racing skill. Colin Turkington and the eBay Motors team performed consistently well and managed to pull of a triple podium, while Turkington won’t enjoy the glory that Plato will, he will certainly enjoy the points. The double win from Plato does mean that there will be a title showdown at the final BTCC meeting this season at Brands Hatch on the 11-12th October.

Jason Plato astounded everyone after he managed execute a superb last minute dive down the inside of championship leader Turkington to snatch the first win of the weekend. He then managed to do exactly the same thing in the second race, an almost carbon copy which was a joy to see, especially at the home of British motorsport. Race two had one of the worst accidents that the BTCC has seen this season. Rob Collard and Jack Clarke made contact coming out of Beckett’s corner after Clarke had already begun to slide. Collard clipped Clarke’s ford focus and lost control on the high speed corner which resulted in Collard’s BMW rolling three times before coming to a stop. Race three was certainly a heated affair, after some fairly gentlemanly racing in the first two, the drivers clearly got fed up of being nice really let fly. The cars were three abreast multiple times and towards the end of race there were a couple of four abreast situations with multiple contact situations.


Jorge Lorenzo has achieved his first ever win in the 2014 season of the MotoGP. The was not without its dramas, the weather caused all sorts of issues for multiple riders. It started out with dry conditions but prevailing black clouds spelt disaster in the long run. Everyone had gone out on dry tyres but only made it a third of the way through the race before the heavens opened and it started to rain.

A lot of riders took gambles on their tyres which ultimately would come back to haunt them. The two riders who suffered the most were Pramac racing’s Andrew Iannone and seven time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi! Iannone lost traction which forced him off the track where he ultimately lost control of the front of the bike which slammed into the ground heavily damaging his machine. Rossi had to take evasive action when he nearly went careering into the back of Pedrosa who arguably went wider than he should. This sent Rossi off track at high speed and experienced a nasty accident which left him unconscious trackside although he is fine now. Pedroza and Marquex suffered a similar fate later on in the race with both riders coming off due to staying out in the wet on slick tyres. Fortunately they were both able to get back on their bikes, get back to the pit and restart on different machines.

Other News


There were no actual races over the weekend but there is some interesting news in the Formula One world so we thought we would give you a small update despite no racing taking place.

Last week Nico Rosberg surprised spectators by having to bow out of the Singapore GP after just 15 laps! Evidence has come about that there was a ‘foreign substance’ contaminating the steering column electronics. The phrase ‘foreign substance’ was clearly a bit dramatic because Mercedes later took to Twitter to quell any theories that it might be sabotage!

Formula E

A new development in Formula E emerged on Friday. It looks like Canada is keen to join the list of countries in support of Formula E with plans to host a race in Montreal. Unfortunately the earliest they will be ready to host wouldn’t be until the third season of racing in 2016.

Montreal already hosts the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. As is the way with Formula E, the race would be held on the streets of Montreal as opposed to the well known circuit.

That’s it for this weeks racing round up!

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