The well-being of our planet has become a growing source of debate and technological development. As people become increasingly invested in sustainable living, technology has begun to follow suit. Industries around the globe have taken note of the ever-increasing and publicised environmental issues and greener alternatives, and the automobile industry is also no exception.

The design and production of numerous electric and eco-focused cars are on the rise and sustainable motor racing, pioneered by Formula E, is beginning to make its presence known to a global audience. With cars such as the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 being readily available to the mass market – and cars that we can provide car finance for – the world of electric cars is set to become more and more competitive in the coming months and years

Celebrities and their eco cars

Perhaps one reason for the increase in electric / eco car demand is down to their celebrity endorsements. A whole host of A-listers have claimed their very own eco cars to help save the planet and ‘go green’. From the Toyota Prius – one of the first full hybrid electric cars – to the aspirational Tesla models, celebrities around the world have caught on to the trend. Here’s a quick look at some of the eco-friendly cars the rich and famous have decided to make space for in their no doubt spacious garages:


A Hero and a Villain?

Of course, not everyone who appears on the silver screen or in front of the media is either vocal or even particularly interested in how the planet is shaping up. What we have identified however are two world famous faces – actor Leonardo DiCaprio and F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone – who have some pretty forthright views on both sustainability and the Formula E racing series. They are our Hero and Villain; we’ll let you decide which one is which, but here’s what we think:ue!

The Hero: Leonardo DiCaprio

The sustainability advocate and (finally) Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio has been especially vocal in his views. Since turning up to the Oscars in a Toyota Prius in 2008, DiCaprio has constantly been papped in his eco-friendly motors. Throughout his career, he has fiercely fought for sustainability and the well-being of the environment, and even dedicated his 2016 Oscar acceptance speech to the cause; here he is:


It’s DiCaprio’s passion for a greener planet which him to become an avid supporter of the Formula E series, even co-founding the Venturi Formula E team. DiCaprio’s commitment to the racing series has also led him to become chairman of the Formula E Sustainability Committee, dedicating his time to promoting the use of electric cars, particularly in built up areas on a global scale. Now in its third season, Formula E is a revolutionary form of motor sport which uses environmentally friendly electric cars run by battery power. This is a huge step forward in the challenges for a greener planet, reducing noise pollution during the events and eradicating the need for petrol.

Hero Score: A straight 11/10, DiCaprio’s opinions, claims and views are no ac

The Villain: Bernie Ecclestone

It’s safe to say that F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is not such a fan of the Formula E series. Even from its early development stages, Ecclestone has chosen not to support the innovative event; is he perhaps a little scared of the competition? Not according to the big man himself. In fact, when asked by the reporters whether he saw Formula E as competition for the established Formula 1 series, Ecclestone replied: “That would be stupid”. So we’re taking that as a no. This probably stems from the fact that Formula 1 involves such an explosion of elite grandiosity and petrol fuelled brilliance, why would he ever be interested in the quieter, greener and perhaps, tamer alternative?

Villain Score: 15/10; Ecclestone remains firmly in the pit lane when it comes to accepting Formula E.

And just so as you can see why we rated them as we did, here’s just some of their more notable comments:


But which stance do you take?

Our latest Twitter Poll asks which view you agree with; Leo the Eco Warrior or Bernie the Eco Naysayer.

Sustainability and ethical lending

Here at Creditplus, we’ve recognised an increasing trend in the search for electric cars, as well as how sustainability is definitely here to stay. As ethical lenders, we’re not only proud of putting the well-being of our customers as our top priority, but also that of the planet. It gives us great pleasure in being able to offer a range of electric and eco-conscious cars to our customers, as well as a range of car finance options too.

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