Let’s get one thing straight. We’re not just another car finance company. We are doing our best to stand out from the competition by offering our customers superior service, adhering to an all-important ethical lending policy and establishing ourselves as experts in the industry.
Creditplus has been around for almost 10 years, and our blog has been up and running for only a year and a half. In that time, it’s gone from strength to strength, and we think the past six months have been especially important in growing the popularity and authority of the blog. This is why we are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated for an award at the UK Blog Awards this year in the automotive category.

Our blog has emerged out of passion for everything motoring related, and a wish to keep our customers as well informed as possible. That is why we have such an eclectic mix of posts – from the Best Car Finance deals to Car Monstrosities and everything in between. Every piece is written with our customers in mind – be they serious car enthusiasts or casual car owners just looking for a bit more information. The official award ceremony will take place in April, and between now and then we’ll be continuing to post high quality, expert posts. You can help us by sharing our posts on your social networks and helping to grow our audience!

We’ll be continuing to make updates and changes to the blog over the coming weeks, and as a start we’ve changed all our categories! We’re hoping that this will make it easier to browse our past post, and look at what we have to say in a particular topic. Take a look below, where we’ve explained the mindset behind each one:

Motoring News – Check in here for up-to-date news posts from the motoring and finance worlds as well as updates from motoring shows around the world.

Car Finance Advice – For everything finance related, including the best car deals each month and explanations about our finance products, take a look in here.

Motoring Media – We love to create videos, infographics and exciting bits and pieces. If you’re tired of reading and just want to sit back and watch, we’ve got plenty here to keep you entertained.

Green Cars – We all know the world of cars is changing, and green is the way forward! Check in here to get you eco-mind racing.

Car Technology – The worlds of cars and technology is colliding – and it’s exciting! Read on here for the latest gadgets and future tech that’ll have you reaching for your smartphone.

Motorsport – We love fast cars, and we love to write about them. Take a look in here for up-to-date information on the biggest racing events, plus updates from the Creditplus Rally Team!

Offbeat – Sometimes we write article that just don’t have a home in our categories – you can find them all in here (hint – they’re some of the best!)

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