Yes, that’s right: the Creditplus Blog is, once again, an award winner! We are very proud to say that we were awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in not one, but two categories – Best Storyteller and Automotive – at this year’s UK Blog Awards, which was held at London’s Park Plaza Westminster hotel on Friday 29 April.


Thanks to main sponsor Odeon Business (@ODEONBusiness) we were taken from the cityscape to the cinema-scape, where we were treated to some tasty popcorn, a chance to visit a pop-up cinema and a few glasses of champagne while we all collectively – and somewhat nervously – awaited the winner’s names to be announced.
As is the case every year that we’ve been in attendance at the Blog Awards, each category is always tough. They are full to the brim of seriously tough – but truly lovely – competition to go up against and, unsurprisingly, this year was no different. Amongst many other first-class nominees were two blogs that we’ve profiled on our own blog – Car Throttle and Take to the Road – who were the very well deserving winners of the Company and Individual Automotive categories respectively. Car Throttle – ‘The internet’s car community’ – is the fastest growing online community for car enthusiasts, with more than 271,000 Facebook likes and a very impressive 31,000 Twitter followers. Take to the Road creates fantastic films about great classic cars, capturing the journeys of both the car and its owner, as well as featuring interesting and rare cars for sale; it’s a real classic car haven.


That’s a wrap!

Being called up to the stage twice to collect our awards were very proud moments for us, and it’s a real thrill to be part of such a talented, vibrant and growing digital community in the UK. Being Highly Commended is a real honour and we know that we’ll be doing absolutely everything we can for the rest of this year to (hopefully) get our award winning blog back up on stage in 2017 to take home some more pieces of glassware. While the majority of the credit for our awards should go to our fabulous blogging team, we know that we couldn’t have done this without the support of our loyal band of readers. So, to every one of you who voted for us this year, thank you so much – you’ve made us (and our boss) very happy!

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