The third of our UK car Blogger profiles is our look at the MotorMartin car blog. The brainchild of Martin Hall, MotorMartin is a labour of love as the blogger keeps us up to date with important car news, features and opinion. Martin tells us more about his passion for all things motoring.

Martin Hall, MotorMartin

About The Blogger

I am Martin Hall, a primary teacher working and living in Bradford. 42 years old, riding motorcycles since 1989 and driving cars since 1992. Enjoy motoring along, Scarborough Athletic and Old movies. Reason for the Blog was: There are many aspects of motoring that appeal, putting your foot to the floor, watching the revs rise, hearing the engine note change and feeling the acceleration kick in is a pleasure that we can all access no matter what car we drive. Finding the perfect road, matching revs to gears to corners so that the tarmac appears to flow underneath you never gets boring whether you’re travelling at 20 or 60, it’s the road, conditions and speed limits that dictate. The simple pleasure of a long drive to somewhere new, a different town, section of coast, even a different country perhaps. All made possible by the cars we drive.

Is the car that you want comfortable? Easy to drive? Does it have a good stereo? Bluetooth? Is it an automatic or manual? does it ride well? These are the things that I want to know but most importantly, and the whole reason for MotorMartin, is to answer the following: Does it work in the real world where there is no race track, where tenths of a second don’t matter, can you still enjoy the drive, the experience?

First car


Not my first car but the day I passed my test I was allowed to take out my Mum’s A reg Vauxhall Nova, was reversing out of the garage and managed to knock the wing mirror clean off! Suffice to say, she wasn’t amused and neither was my dad when he got home!

Current car


What are you currently driving, what do you think about it etc. Currently driving my mighty 04 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec. Reviewed on blog, see for full opinions. Great budget motor, reasonably economical, definitely fun to drive, good handling, practical.

Dream car


If you had the choice, what car would you drive. I still desperately miss my dream car. Had three years with my 2.0L Laser Mk3 Capri before it finally fell apart. The European Pony car. Would love to have a 280 Brooklands Capri in immaculate condition for sunny days!

Thanks for the insight Martin! Make sure you check out the MotorMartin website and you can follow Martin on twitter for regular updates. If you liked this blog, read our profiles of The Car Spy and Take To The Road for more looks at UK’s fantastic car bloggers.

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