In advance of launching their fourth generation Vauxhall Corsa, the car manufacturer is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest GPS Drawing.

Collaborating with artist Jeremy Wood, Vauxhall will be driving an early prototype of the fourth generation Corsa across England, Scotland and Wales, creating a giant 7,000 mile long piece of GPS art. The final artwork will be revealed when the new Corsa goes on sale at the end of October. The tour of the country will celebrate the launch of the fourth gen, an update to the UK’s third most popular car.

“We wanted to visit as many locations as possible during the record attempt to raise awareness of the new car,” said Simon Hucknall, PR Manager for Vauxhall Product & Heritage. “We also wanted to create a truly unifying image using modern technology, which squared well with the level of innovation in the new car.”



GPS art or drawing combines walking, driving or sailing with modern technology to create large scale artworks traced on maps. The artist moves from place to place using GPS technology to trace their steps. Once completed, this route can be downloaded to a computer, completing the artwork.

Pioneer of the art form Jeremy Wood is collaborating with Vauxhall Corsa to try and beat the previous world record of 4,451 miles set by Japanese artist Yasushi Takahashi who wrote “Marry Me” across Japan to propose to his then girlfriend. Previous artworks by Wood include massive scale drawings over water, land and air. His work is part of the permanent collection of the London Transport Museum, and has previously been exhibited at the V&A and University of Arts in London.

“This is by far the most challenging commission that I’ve taken on,’ said Wood. ‘In order to make the image instantly recognisable, I’ve driven New Corsa on a huge mix of roads and travelled some of the most convoluted routes to ensure that the outlines are clear and memorable.’


The artwork will be revealed at the end of October. Exactly what will be drawn has not been revealed, the only hint being that it will have particular significance to the UK public on the day of release.

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