Drifting in the office

We posted a trailer for the XCAR office gymkhana a few days ago, you can check it out here if you want to. We now have the full video for you and quite frankly it is as good as we thought it would be! Enjoy!

These guys clearly know how to have a bit of fun in the office. Although it has made many people in our office want a Crazy Cart and I should think many of you will be wanting one after you watch this video!

We would love to get a few of those Crazy Carts flying around our offices but we aren’t sure how likely it is that we could justify them to the boss man. Team building activity maybe? It’s a long shot.

Ken Block would be proud

The office gymkhana video is based on the wildly successful gymkhana series from Ken Block, professional rally driver and stunt man. His gymkhana videos shot him to viral video fame as he takes a series of different cars to city streets, obstacle courses and destruction derbies. Anyone who enjoys fast cars and precision driving should check out Ken Block’s Youtube Account – TheHoonigans. Check out the latest Gymkhana video below as Ken takes to the streets of Los Angeles in his souped up, custom built 1967 Ford Mustang.

Update: Office Gymkhana Part 2 – Toy Store Mayhem

The success of the first Office Gymkhana video quickly led to a follow up – this time in a toy store. Two guys racing around after the shop closes, using the toy weapons, swords and costumes on display to add a little flavour of Mario Kart to the race. Watch and enjoy!

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