We have said before how much we love XCAR, you can see what we had to say about them here actually. They are one of the best automotive YouTube channels without a doubt. The videos they make are not only entertaining but they are always so beautifully shot and highly informative, let’s just say they do it properly. That being said, they clearly are not above being a bit silly and having a bit of fun around the office, which is quite apparent from their most recent trailer. In light of Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 they have had a go at making their own version, just a bit more ‘insidey’. They look like a bunch of kids messing around at Dad’s office. We love it.

In the comments of their video you can see someone has asked what it is that they are riding and XCAR responded saying all shall be revealed Monday. Sorry XCAR but I’m going to lift the veil somewhat and let the people know what those things are, they deserve to know. They are called Crazy Carts, made by a company called Razor, I’ll leave a little link to their website at the bottom of the page in case you fancy getting yourself one. They are essentially little go-karts that have free spinning casters that you can drop down to engage lunatic mode. The casters allow you to pull some pretty sweet drift moves and spins, you probably won’t get anywhere fast but you’ll have fun doing it.

Anyway, check out the trailer and be sure not to miss out on the fun when the video comes on Monday. Here is a link to their YouTube channel so you can subscribe, we don’t mind helping out people that provide us with such quality entertainment.

As promised, a link to the crazy cart website.

If you like silly stuff then we have some of our own. How to Zombie proof your car by James for example.

Or how about a look back at some childhood toys with Luke?

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