Key facts document

In simple terms, a key facts document is a breakdown of all the information a customer needs to know when signing up for an insurance document.

As an FCA regulated company, Creditplus are obligated to provide our customers with a service that treats them fairly.

A big part of this is empowering customers with the information they need to make the right decision on the car finance and insurance products available when signing an agreement.

We keep you informed of all the details throughout the process. The Key Facts document is a big part of this.

When purchasing an insurance document through Creditplus, such as a GAP Insurance plan, we will provide you with a key facts document that outlines how the insurance works as well as any terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled by both the provider and the customer.

It will cover items such as the total cost of the insurance policy, the length of time the coverage is for, and any potential risks involved.

The document should answer any questions on the terms of the insurance product.

If in doubt, remember you can always ask one of our customer consultants who will be happy to explain.

Benefits of key facts terms and conditions

Key facts terms and conditions are there to provide essential legal information to the customer.

The terms and conditions are statements upon which both the company and the individual can be held legally accountable, so it's always important to read these before signing any document.

If for any reason you are uncomfortable with any of the terms presented, speak to the company to get further clarification.

Key facts and car finance

Instead of a key facts document, your car finance agreement will come with a SECCI form.

This is a form that has been specifically designed to present all the information that goes into a car finance agreement in a clear and easy to understand format.

The SECCI contains information on the total cost of the car finance agreement, any additional charges or fees that have either been charged or potentially charged, and also the Interest Rate for the package.

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