Quote Explained

When you apply for car finance, a key part of the process is when you receive your quote. This is a summary of the car finance package available to you, including the APR, total cost and monthly payments. 

Creditplus definition of quote

To provide you with a quote, your Customer Advisor will take down some important information to ensure it is accurate. This includes the following:

•    The car you’re looking for (Or if you’ve already found a car, what it is and who’s selling it)
•    What kind of finance product you’re after
•    How much in total you need to borrow
•    The monthly cost you can afford
•    The most appropriate length of finance term
•    Customer information

Once we have found you a great car and a great finance deal to go with it, your Customer Advisor will call you and give you a verbal quote of the deal, as well as forward all of the necessary information to you in an email.

As soon as you have agreed the quote and given us the green light, we can go ahead and arrange the finance for you.

Creditplus car finance quotes

When you apply for car finance through Creditplus, you will be contacted by one of our experienced Customer Advisors asking for the details required in order to provide you with a quote. This quote will give you an idea of what your car finance package is likely to cost in advance of confirming any agreement. It is ideal if you are unsure about securing a car finance agreement and want as much information as possible before committing.

Find out more about how Creditplus provide you with a car finance quote.

Are there any risks?

In most cases (such as when you apply with Creditplus), being provided with a quote does not mean you are obliged to accept the offer. That should mean you can shop around to find the best deal available. However, there is an aspect often missed when it comes to finding a quote for a car finance package.

When your details are used to generate a quote, this will include an examination of your credit file. This examination, referred to as a footprint, is also recorded on your credit file. If you shop around, lenders will be able to see that you are doing so and may deem you as a risk to lend to. For that reason, too many footprints on your file can negatively affect your credit rating. The good news is that Creditplus conduct a soft credit search meaning that no footprint is left on your file, allowing you to be confident that you can find the best deal without ruining your credit rating. 

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