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Though we now use Trustpilot platform to get reviews from our amazing customers, we love to get feedback in any way we can. Take a look at the reviews sent to us below:

"Dear Jamie We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your help, and more importantly your patience in helping us to secure the purchase of the C4. What began as a tentative enquiry led to us obtaining a suitable replacement for our old cars and was only made possible by all the hard work you did on our behalf. Thanks very much again. Who knows we may have to be in touch again soon if we find that sharing one car is not such a good idea and we need to have two after all! Kind regards Phyllis Grantquote."

From Phyllis G, Received 05/05/2013
"After researching your company on the internet, I applied for the help that I required. I maybe was expecting the deal, car, etc in an ideal world and at one point didn't think that any of this would happen...like everything it hasn't been completely smooth running all the way, experiences of disappointment in some areas, but at the end of the day your team have pulled off the best deal for me! MARK COLLINS (the little southern belle) has been a star! He has taken his fair share of constructive criticism (and banter!) which could of been the deal breaker. I look forward to meeting the team when I collect my shiny new car - my new Von Trap family! Kind regards."

From Judith A, Received 17/01/2013
"Dear Jamie, I understand that you are the line manager to Andy Price and I would like to drop you a quick line to express how happy I am with the recent customer service that he gave me. I was supplied with a vehicle from Creditplus on 28th Feb 2013 and after just a few days the vehicle developed a fault which resulted in the engine management light coming on on the dashboard. I contacted Creditplus and Andy immediately took full ownership to deal with the issue. Within only 2 days my vehicle was inspected and corrected by a local garage. Andy was understanding, accommodating and happy to help with my issue. I work within a customer service environment and am responsible for training and coaching new colleagues in delivering exceptional customer service at all times. In my opinion Andy Price's customer service skills are exceptional and he is a credit to your company. I just wanted to highlight this to you for recognition. Thank you."

From Reshad N, Received 21/03/2013
"Jaime, Thank you for sorting everything out and supplying me with a beautiful Porsche 911. From day one of me wanting this model everything has worked out well and your company have been great in supplying and sourcing just what I wanted. Your delivery man was very cheerful and professional and showed me what I needed to know about the car. I thank you once again for your professional service and I would not hesitate to use you again in the future. Thank you."

From Peter F, Received 23/03/2013
"Hi, Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who helped us in the past 2 weeks. I drove the car to work in Portsmouth today and what a pleasure it was too (especially Sport Mode!) please pass our thanks onto Andy, Oliver, Jaime and everyone else who played their part in getting us a really nice car. We would both recommend Creditplus to all of our friends and family in future. Cheers."

From Samantha W, Received 26/03/2013
"Hello, I hope that this message gets to someone who cares. Over the last 2 weeks I have had dealings with Oliver Roberts. I need you to know that his customer facing skills are excellent and his patience is quite amazing. He is a fine example of superb customer service in an era where most people don't seem to 'give a jot' and only want to rush through any dealings. Why do I say this you may ask? well he kept me very well informed all the way throughout the process and even when I managed to cock up the documentation I was not made to feel foolish, he just said "No problem, I can sort that". He explained the difference between APR and the base rate and because of a previous experience with another loan provider explained how you make your money, really good customer handling. PROMOTE THE MAN Best regards."

From Christopher R, Received 23/04/2013

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